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Monday, February 22, 2010

German! German! German!

Hiking? Trekking? Naahhh...just backpacking...

Been holding the 'nafsu' to buy this type of bag for quite sometime (dunno where and when to use, just nak membeli), but knowing me who is super pemalas, small and petite (tak bleh blah kan perasaan 'perasan' itu?) I hardly carry backpack when I'm travelling. Amazed of aD who is far smaller than me who can carries more than 40+10 liters (kan?) in her rubber shoes (dulu, skang Timberland suda), I am called to buy and do the same thing! (Bravo, bravo!)

"But don't get excited to much, for I still don't dare to go for hiking nor trekking in the woods, NOT UNTIL all leeches and maggots and worms and snakes and er er er those that have no feet to walk on, vanish from this world!" some advised from Salhazira, budak gunung as well, she advised me to get a Deuter as a starter. I went to Bangsar, an outdoor shop that sells Deuter and such, with 20% discount in hand. Hmmm...nice offer. Then we went to Lafuma, but the price was ridiculous and hilarious (ye, kelakar ye...tidak dinafikan lagi.) Sebab? The promo that we saw was for last year! I called Salhazira again and she directed me to one auntie's shop at Pertama, where I can be lot happier to bargain with.

Since all budak gunung went there to get their system, I pun pegi. The salesperson tu kakak pakai tudung macam jual kuih. First impression? Just a normal salesgirl who sell bags. But? Tettttt! Wrong judgment! She has 15 years knowledge in selling bags to budak gunung and she knows what is best and what not! (Note: She has not conquered any gunung in her life!) Hamik! Hahaha! I met a guy name Megat during the buying and he gave me lots of advise. Yeah, his guess was right (sebab aku mekap) when he heard that I was looking for style and color (biasa la pompuan) but he later taught me (a.k.a cucuk jarum) bout how important to get a comfort system and better usage. Aaaa...

First, I jatuh chenta dengan Deuter Futura 32 (coz the color is green). It falls under Hiking model and it suits me very well. The net (ye, jaring) air comfort system can never make u sweat at the back. So stylo kan? Plus point, it has rain cover! Harga? Zzzzzz...kalo beli tak naik gunung, aku tatau la...

-Granite Bamboo
-Rain Cover


Style: 44738
Volume: 1950 cubic inches
Torso: 17-21 inches inches
Weight: 3 lbs. 10 oz.
Dimensions (HxWxD): 26 x 13 x 9 inches
System: Aircomfort
Materials: Micorip Nylon-Polytex

- Top Lid Pocket
- Side Bellow Pockets
- Compression Straps
- Hydration Compatible
- Divided Main Compartment
- Side Mesh Pockets
- Front Stash Pocket
- Stabilizer Straps
- Interior Valuables Pocket
- Integrated Rain Cover
- Ice Axe & Trekking Pole Loops
- Carrying Capacity = 25 lbs.

Then, that 'brader' sudah cucuk satu lagi beg la to me. Fox 40. It falls under Family category and system dia sedappppppppp sangat sebab guna air contact! 'Brader' tu pun cakap sesuai dengan aku. The solid reason? It has 2 compartments where it has top and bottom loading. Haaaaaaaaaa baru practical for backpackers! If top loading, gile mampos nak amik baju kat bawah kan. This is what I'm looking for as well. Patu green color plak tu. And even bigger than Futura (40 means 40 liters). But human nature, the bigger the space, the more u want to dump in rite? Riteeeeeeeeee? (Hair dryer maybe...don't tell me u guys don't do that...)

Cumaaaaaaaaaa Fox ni takde rain cover. Takpe la, if hujan pun, takkan la I nak jalan jugak kan. Lagipun, I dah beli raincoat bodo kat Saigon dulu. Hehe.

FOX 40
-Granite Moss
-No Rain Cover

Style: 36080
Volume: 2450 + 250 cubic inches (lagi besar dari Futura)
Torso: 11-18 inches
Weight: 2 lbs. 14 oz.
Dimensions (HxWxD): 25 x 10.5 x 8.5 inches
System: Aircontact
Materials: Ballistic / Ripstop 210

- Alpine Back System (adjustable tau! according to your back spine :D)
- VariQuick Shoulder Harness (ni yang best nih!)
- Ice Axe and Pole Attachments
- Bellows Side Pockets
- Burly Lower Side Pockets
- Bottom Access Zip Panel
- Sternum Strap with Emergency Whistle
- Hydration Compatible
- Gear Loops on Hip Belt
- Carrying Capacity = 25 lbs.

Lepas beberapa minutes, 'brader' tu proposed Osprey lak. Perghhhhhhhhhh harga tak bleh blah, US brand, bleh beli tiket ke Beijing masa promo 20%. When I told Salhazira bout Osprey, she and her hubby had a jaw dropping gak la. Hehe...nahhh...takkan la I nak beli kan. Same goes to Karrimor, a UK Brand. 50 liters and above je yang masuk Malaysia.

So, mesti korang ingat aku nak gi German kan melihatkan tajuknyer? Mimpikan je la...I'll stick to German backpack jer...(dah beli pun Fox 40 tu!) Ye, made in Vietnam (nak pegi Vietnam, tapi beli barang Vietnam kat Malaysia...hehe!) But if pegi sana, takkan dapat nyer Deuter ori sebab diorang buat sume untuk export je. Yang akan nampak ditepian jalan, sume fake, fake, fake! (Nak tau fake ke tak, tengok zipper and tali. If zipper tu YKK, baru ori...and tali pun banyak.) Harga ori yang I beli kat Malaysia? Tiket+Accomodation+Shopping magnet kat Indon/Thailand je pun...(if you know how cheapo I travel) :D

Adolf Hitler!


Ely Hasrul said...

aku suka aje ko g german.. leh dpt magnet hehee

Biqque said...

aku pun sukak :D tapi bilakah masa itu akan datang?

Anonymous said...

suker aku baca cerita ko.. dan suker aku membantu kawan2.. aku pun bukannya pro.. sikit2 jer.. tapi, kalau ko beli beg yang lagi satu tu.. aku jeles.. hahahaha.. sbbnya aku pun takda lagi beg tu.. duk ngidam jer..

Biqque said...

lagi satu tu yg mana? osprey? hahahaha siut kan!

Lily Riani said...

i always dream of these bags but after my knee ops... kirim salam ler.... kene jadi trolley dolly jek

Zafrina said...

masa nak sangkut beg tu kat bahu hati-hati ye.. boleh ke belakang badan kite! hahahaha.. dah masuk sume barang mcm lagi berat dari diri sendiri! i everytime nak angkat, mesti opie yg angkatkan & sangkutkan kat bahu! hahahaha

Biqque said...

i mmg trolley dolly gak lily, tapi gatai nak beli sbb tak tahan tgk sistem2 backpack ni :D

zaff, ada cara nak pakai beg camni...i pun kakak kedai tu yg ajar...first pinggang, then kiri kanan ketiak, then kiri kanan atas bahu plak, last baru kat chest...the more the strap, the kukuh and even the load distribution...ha hamik ko! hahahaha!

Miss B said...

yes deuter is the best choice. ade lagi satu tips for backpackers. Jika anda bwk brg yg banyak dan heavy..sila susun brg yg ringan dibawah dan y diatas plak brg yg berat. reason : bila bwk beg mcm ni,automatik bila halfway trekking mesti pewai a.k.a pancit. Huhu..sbb brg berat berada dibawah,dipengaruhi tarikan graviti,akan mmbuatkn kiter sakit belakang n of coz bahu yg paling sakit. Hehe..karrimor n lowe alpine pun best jugak,tapi rege agak mnyakitkan ati gak..kui3.

*jgn lupe beli water bag skali ;)

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