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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hairworks Salon Rawks!

This salon was introduced by Jaja Herza, when I was looking for a NOTED salon that can provide rebonding service. Two salons, Hairworks and Miko, both at Wangsa Maju. She told me that rebonding would make my hair looked fake-straight, compared to relaxer, which is more bouncy and natural, which she always had. (Wow, what was the name again?)

With confidence that I had in head, just by looking at the result (her hair), I went to that salon and had mine. I requested the same stylist that she asked for, who was CKTan. A young-nerd-simple-stylist who I can rate as a beginner in English, and intermediate in Bahasa. Hahaha!

After few hours (2 hours for relaxer and 2 hours for coloring), voila! It was really relaxing and natural!

Expenditure : RM300+ (gile arh!)

It was 2 years back.

So…last week, after few months of having a very bad curly-current hair that was ruined by Niko Salon near to my house, I went to Hairworks Salon again! Again, I requested for CKTan to do my relaxer, while telling him all the great grandma story of what had happened to my hair. (Stylist Thomas & Guys konon! Rosak rambut aku!)

This time, hubby has waited for me in the salon, next to my chair. He experienced all processes and thank god, it was only for 2 hours (Thank god ek? Hahaha! Tersiksa jiwa raga!) Almost similar but with slight improvement, I didn’t straighten my fringe. I want it to be au natural this time. Hehe! (Dulu style Cleopatra, bleh la…)

Expenditure : RM200 (So no shopping this month ye…)

CKTan, the stylist. (Yup, I was born in the year of 78, kudaku lari gagah beraniiii...)

The helpers.

The new Superman, hubby...(jeles kat FT la tu!)

The salon, Hairworks Salon.

The wifey, who is always trying to look beautiful like Kim Kardashian!


dibitz said...

besides loving your new haido...... aku tergelak tgk sharul pakai baju superman!!!!!!!! kahkahkahkahkah!!!!

congrats, your hair is better now!

Biqque said...

hahahahaha dah i sibuk sgt ngan FT, dia pakai la baju S tu! hahahahaha!

Unknown said...

ni sure ke tak shopping tak caya jek muka cam u tuh..huh...:p

elly mustafa said...

i love ur hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!damn!!!!

Ely Hasrul said...

aku pong tak caya takat 200 leh xsoping... :p

kena sikat rambut or blow lagik tak? aku nk buat gak sbb aku malas sikat rambut...hhee

cun cun aku sukak

jajaherza said...

biq, loving ur hair!!! back to hairworks ekk...coolness! nama dia LOREAL EXTENSO...i pon dah lama gila x buat...nak buat balik lak tgk rambut cantik biq!

Biqque said...

elly, i luv ur hair MORE!

skin, stakat nak keringkan n blow ke dalam, still la kena blow...or else, ko biar kering sendri la sambil air menitik2 hahaha!

na, ye, tekaanmu betul belaka...aku baru je beli kasut murah :D

jaja! macih2! kerana anda, rambutku lawa :D

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