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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cute Birthday Gifts For Cute Birthday Kids!

I just can't stop myself from buying baby gifts or birthday gifts for kids! (Can't wait to have my I bought some kot-kot la in the future dah takde baju camtu kan :D)

Dari luar camni...
Pink for Myra (which I already gave to her on her 1st bash)
while green box is for Sami (for this coming Feb on his 2nd bash).

What's inside?
This was what I bought for Myra on her 1st birthday...
Since her mom said she luvs dolls compared to PS3 (kahkahkah),
I gave her a barbie doll (wedges dia cun gile!),
Plusss...2 sets of night suit with I LUV MOM and I LUV DAD!
(Sooo irresistible la if beli satu je!)

Anddddddd TADAAAAA! This is what I get for Sami Boy!
(Sorry, tak leh nak sorok lah!)
Since he likes machines/cars/trucks/trains so much
(boys will always be boys),
I bought this RC BMW x6 for him! Hope he knows how to steer it!
(Sok beso, Sami beli yang real punya ok?)

And last but not least, handsome soccer player to be,
(his dad wants him to be a snooker huh?),
Adam will get a beach towel! (For his 1st bash on this coming March)
Sangat comel la ladybird tuuuuu!

So...who's kid next?


Ely Hasrul said...

hahhh mmg sami suka giler lah!! hahahaha

Biqque said...

make sure dia suka ok??? kalo tak, aku marah!

Unknown said...

anak i!! anak i!! Tadi dia suh pesan "auntie biq, nk tiket flight ke Paris jeee...." :D ngeeeee

Lily Riani said...

where did you get the "i heart mom/dad shirt"?

Biqque said...

hahahaha na, tell ur unborn child, kalo 0fare, auntie biq bayarkan dia nyer tiket je bleh ar...mak pak bayar sendri...hahaha!

Biqque said...

lily, if u want, i can get it for u...just nearby my office je, but kena check ada lagi ke tak as well as the sizes...

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