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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gonal-f Makes You Becoming A Junkie?

A bottle of Gonal-f powder,
medium size needle,
small size needle,
and an alcohol pad.

Attach the medium size needle to the syringe,
poke into the bottle of Gonal-f powder,
press out the liquid and let it mix,
suck in the mix liquid back into the syringe,
detach the medium size needle
(fuh nasib baik tak cucuk guna jarum besar!),
attach the small size needle,
press out the syringe to reduce air,
wipe your stomach with an alcohol pad,
squeeze your stomach for fat ready,
jab 90 degrees and press out the Gonal-f.

Yup, I'm officially a junkie when I (with hubby's help) jabbed my stomach last nite...

Jab in the needle into my stomach is peanut, but when you force the drug in, its quite painful you stung a little la but still...(or I yang mengada sangat la). But frankly speaking, you can feel the drug flow into your vein. So you have to do it slowly (lucky I have muffin top fat that can reduces the pain...hehe!)

It is Gonal-f...that can boosts your hormones to tell your brain to produce more than 1 egg (note:women can only produce 1 egg in every cycle). I need to take 3 times along with 100mcg Chlomid for straight 5 days (I'm in day 3 today) coz my brain didn't tell enough the body to produce more eggs. It's like telling your kids, on and on (degil la ni), to take bath now, not later! Now! Now! Now! Dalam erti kata lain, otak aku ada short circuit skit lah sampai nak kena suruh produce telur dalam suara nada yang tinggi lagi nyaring so that dia paham, oooooo nak kena produce telur keeeee...nape tak cakappppp...ha camtu.

"GONAL-f contains follitropin alfa, which is similar to follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) found naturally in humans.

GONAL-f belongs to a class of hormones called gonadotrophins. FSH is necessary in the growth and development of egg cells (follicles) in women and sperm production in men.

In women

GONAL-f can be used to bring about the development of follicles in women who are not ovulating and who have not responded to treatment with clomiphene citrate.
GONAL-f is also used to stimulate the development of several follicles in women undergoing assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

In men

GONAL-f is used in combination with human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) to stimulate the production of sperm."
If your notice, Gonal-f should be used when you have not responded to Chlomid treatment. I wonder why my doc advised me to take both drugs at the same I Chlomid resistant? Or she just wanna charge me a bomb through injection rather than swallow? Or she wants me to conceive fast so that she can entertain another patient? I choose the third one :D)

Pray hard for me ok?

P/S : Anis, amacam? I leh jadi nurse you tak nanti? :D


Ely Hasrul said...


Roz Razalli said...

salam biqque...

hahaha, ur story is exactly like mine (my mon caught both of us in my bro's room, was doing the same thing.. and she went like "haaa? korang buat apa? terus terasa sprt penagih kan? ekeke). U plan to IUI later? All the best, Insya Allah...

I'm doing it for the second one, too... Insya Allah. Marilah sama2 berdoa :)

Unknown said...

Wah terer nye main cucuk2..pas dah cucuk jarum cucuk lain plak..harap2 lekat la yang nih..AMIN.... usaha tangga kejayaan!!

Biqque said...

roz, nak buat iui, lab tutup plak ujung i buat natural dulu la kan...harap2 ada rezeki :) mari kita sama2 mencuba dan berdoa ye :D aminnnnn!

na, sgt lucah u! hahahaha!

skin, mau tak seremmmmm...terasa tuuuuu...

anisizatyA.J said...

wowww. takotnyaaaa! hahha. seriously, i cant watch a person getting injected, let alone me myself yg nak inject org. wow, again. hehhe. goodluck and i hope u will conceive a baby soon yeah. and yes deary, u totally qualify as my nurse :)

debyG! said...

babe!!!!!!!!!! bila gi lppkn ni? how r u darl? hopes this time menjadik! rock hard babeh! insya Allah, jadik k? amin....

psttt.. how much is the damaged?

Biqque said...

anis, nanti i buat baju seksi2 k? hahaha! i loikeee cosplay!

deb, aku gi day4 aritu sebab aku ter-period kan...kira ni la first treatment aku ngan lppkn. total utk that visit je rm300+ sebab ubat inject tu yg mahal...kata gomen subsidized ubat2 kat lppkn, but still mahal la...takpe la, daripada kat swasta, tah brapa tah...harap2 jadi la ni!

Cawan said...

meh aku doakan ko dpt baby dgn kadar segera, bergantung dgn usaha murni mu jugak laa di rumah ke, di mana2.. he he.. amin2.

ha, aku dh nampak dh.. dh nampak dh.. :p

Anonymous said...

biqque..mana tau dapat kembar terus...sebab stimulate to produce lebih dari satu telur kan..insya Allah.. :)

Biqque said...

amin, aminnnnnn...

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