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Monday, November 2, 2009

Music Making : Do Your Own Ringtone

I luv to make my own ringtones (coz i hardly find a free and nice ringtone from internet according to the verse that I want).

First, I use Digital Media Converter to split the song by mark in and mark out the portion that I want. Since this software is unregistered, I can only split it for 30seconds (approx. 2 verse). That should be enough for a caller ringtone or message ringtone.

Then, I need to convert the selected entry from MP3 format to WAV. Yup, this software can't do direct conversion from MP3 to MP3 (maybe in full/registered version.)

After that, since Digital Media Converter can't do the conversion, I have to convert the selected entry from WAV to MP3 back, using Cheetah Audio Converter. (Don't ask me why I need to use 2 softwares just to do the conversion. Read between the lines.)

And finally, I do some touch up by edit the selected entry to fade in and fade out, for a better result, using FlexiMusic Wave Editor. (I totally forgot which software that I used previously, darn! And this software, just got it downloaded today! Feels like sound engineer dowhh!)

And voila! Beyonce - Halo is now my ringtone! (Nak beli? Satu lagu singgit! Kahkahkah!)


Ely Hasrul said...

singgit? okeh aku nak lagu underneath ur cloth makasehh

Biqque said...

hahahahaha...part mana? sila jelaskan.

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