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Friday, July 3, 2009

Living With The King Of Pop

I am currently YouTubing
Living with MJ (9 Episodes) and believe me, he is one phenomenal human that was super nice, polite, kind, and lovely...sigh...I am touched, I must say...

Living with MJ - Part 1 <--The Twisted Story

P/S: Check out the sequels of Part 2-9 in YouTube! And by the way, I REALLY HATE THAT REPORTER! What a JACKASS! He was making it! And I'm gonna say this to you, BASHIR THE BASTARD,


You wanna know why? Watch the footage that you were never meant to see!

Living with MJ - Part 1 Take Two <--The Truth

P/S: Check out the sequels of Part 2 Take Two - Nine in YouTube! You gonna be amazed ON WHAT HAS BEEN TAPED ON HIS OWN VIDEO,


See how that crazy moron BASHIR THE BASTARD, TWISTED THE WHOLE STORY! I FORCED you guys to watch his own private home videos to know this greatest soul on earth.

MJ Private Home Video - Part 1 <--My Favorite

Best giler! I can't help myself to stop smiling and laughing like I was there in the videos...sigh...

P/S: Check out the sequels of Part 2-11 in YouTube! And this is your true Michael that we would want to know...


elly mustafa said...

ur getting out of your mind..hehehe..

Biqque said...

yup...and i still crying watching all his clips and concerts...sigh...

Ely Hasrul said...

jap lagik biq buat moonwalk elly.. huhuhuh.. bila nk tribute nih?

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