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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hit Me Baby One More Time!

I love to buy baby’s garb! Though I haven’t had one yet, I enjoy buying baby’s outfit for my future babies (regardless baby boy or girl) as well as for my friends and families.

I hardly go for baby’s accessories or amusement items, though they last longer. People always say that clothing wont last long, but I just love buying baby jumpers, rompuses, and jeans, but on top of these, I love baby dresses! (Hubby started to show some 'reflects' on baby dresses during our visit to Brand Outlets at IOI last Sunday…hehe! How cute when he pointed to this and that. He even mix-n-match them!)

So, after a “blast” happiness having Sami (I gave rompus, t-shirt, and baby 1st gym set) and Myra (soft toys, dress and legging) not to forget, Dzarif (a set of Simpson's; mom, dad, and son), more babies come into my life. Latest are Enda’s (close friend) and Mar’s (next door neighbor), whose both having boys. After few weeks holding the push for baby gifts, I at last bought each of the boys; a pair of Tommy Hillfiger rompus and 2 pairs of OshKosh T-shirts. (I used to give 2 mini bicycles for my cousin's twins! Gile! My own anak buah yang 8 orang tu jangan cakap la...segalanya!)

Well, packed them in DIY gift boxes and ready to be given away!

So aD, as I bet your's would be a gal, I am planning to give her a super cute dress and perhaps, with a ruffle baby legging! Yay!


Ely Hasrul said...

hoi!!!! aku slalu ckp kat hasrul.. cemana la esok nk balas balikkkkk... mati la kalu ko ade anak nanti.. glup..

Biqque said...

insyallah, if ada rezeki, aku mintak ko sediakan pool je kat umah baru ko nanti utk anak2 aku bermandi-manda disana :D

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