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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't Do Spa Perm @ Niko Salon!!!





This style has ruined/damaged my hair! And now I have to spend another RMXXX to treat back the damaged hair! Arghhhh!

Thanks to Deb, sebab teman I pegi complaint and marah stylist tu. What a good combo we had! Tak dapat refund, dapat wash/treatment/cut for free! And thanks for suggesting me the LAKME & FUDGE hair care products) my life becomes more complicated la kan...

Dah tak terkata...dah rosak baru nak bagitau...and put the blame on my dry hair???!!! Celaka! Either the stylist doesn't know how to, or the product is a trash! Sebab kawan I and the girl from Shins Hair Care Boutique pun cakap diorang buat Spa Perm, rambut diorang rosak!






They have 3 branches, Giant Kinrara, Ampang WaterFront, Taman Melawati!
(They have websites but not found!)

7 holler:

debyG! said...

heheheeh.. i pity the stylist. tapi sapa suruh jawab soalan i ngan jawapan bodo2 dia kan?

i pray hard ur hair will get better.

gambatte neh!

biqque said...


haitttt! (aku masih jeles akan plan mu itu...tsk tsk!)

BlueEwoke said...

eiii berani diorg put the blame on u!! tak masuk akal betul..cis bedebah..emm abis la rambut phuket u tu..

biqque said...

mmg abis...

dibitz said...

mmg cam badigol.. kata hair stylist.. more like hair rapist??

biqque said...

dari thomas n guys lak tuuuuuuhhhh! arghhhh! kononnnnnnnn!

DrKeithCurrie said...

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