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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meet The Virgorian

Happy birthday to my only brother, Joi.

I grew up and spent a lot of time with him. He's a year older than me and I have no other close person to play with, since the gap between me and my two sisters were like 3 to 5 years, and they were busy adoring Awie, Amy, Ella, Ruhil, and some other rock kapak groups. So, I was brought up to be quite tomboyish, wrestling, running, hiding, throwing, climbing along to ensure myself to be at par with my brother and his friends.

Well, he started to put a gap and kind of ignoring me when he went to secondary school. His friend always tease him, "sending his girlfriend to school" whenever he sent me off. He didn't even want to pick me up, and the bus stop just 50 meters away from my house! Hahaha! But later, all his friends started to call him bro-in-law lah after they saw "this" ugly duckling turned out to be not so ugly swan. Kahkahkah!

Since I went to college, in fact, until now, I seldom talk to my brother, but we both know that we love each other. He was my late mom's precious, though I am the youngest in the family. And he was, and still, like cats and dogs with my dad. When both of them lost something, especially tools and gadgets, there's no one to blame on...coz they are the only two guys in the family!

I have four Virgorians in my family. They would be, my dad, my late mom, my brother, and myself. The other two sisters are Aries and Capricorn. And amazingly, my brother and I, were born a day before our parents (don't look at the year la ha...) My brother's birthday is today, 25th Aug, while my dad's birthday, will be tomorrow, 26th Aug. My birthday is on 14th Sept, while my late mom's birthday is on 15th Sept (btw, my late mom passed away on my 18th birthday, when she was at the age of 43...sob sob...)

You know, when Allah took someone from you, He replaced it. One of my niece was born two years later, on the same date, that was 14th Sept.
And Allah is GREAT, without a doubt, so He decided to bridge me with another Virgorian, that is my husband, who was born on 22nd Sept!

5 holler:

Ely Hasrul said...

hepi besday Abang. Aku tetiba tingat ko buat jula juli bintang 3 kat dpn kawan2 abang kahkahkahkahkahkakhakah adoiii xtahan nnnnnn hahahahhahahaha

p/s- tahun nih dtg raya sekinchan?

Twilight Man said...

So sorry to hear about your mum's passing which was rather too young! However, she is not suffering anymore like us in this world. You really have an interesting family zodiac!

kemang~ said...

biqque, kite mom passed away when i was 18... takpe ade banyak hikmah nye kan??

Biqque said...

skin, aku baruuuuuuuu ingat nak repeat cite tu! hahaha! raya aku sungguh terhad. selebihnya keje...sob sob...

twilight, yeah...God loves her more than us...we are suffering down here...

kemang, i masuk kolej je, terus dia pegi...flung kaw2 masa first and second sem...tapi i bangun! terus score, ewahhhhh! ye, pasti ada hikmahnyer...

Ely Hasrul said...

raya ko terhad? menci! aku ajak abah naik penang aje la kanggg la la la la la

buduh la ko jula juli tu kahkahkahkahkahkah

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