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Friday, August 5, 2011

Mee Bandung Mak Tiri Saya

Yup! That's what you've read!

My step mom is good in cooking. I can lick the whole plate of her signature fried you can imagine what I can do if she cooks other non-easy dishes, right?

And so I invited Chawana, Dib and Deb for tea, but Deb can't make it. I thought of making fried mi (easy one) but hubby asked me to try something different and new.

So we thought of serving "mi bandung".

I've tried once but my colleague gave me the ready-made paste that she bought from Muar. But this time, I wanted to challenge myself and do my own paste.

The person that I turned to was my step mom (since I didn't want my mom in law to tell my dad in law to know that I don't know how to cook...omg, he's "my dad in law" soooooo good in cooking traditional foods!).

I had issue preparing all the ingredients coz almost all of them were not available at the nearest shop. So I had to go to "pasar borong". Small prawns, big prawns, you know...those fresh items.

The dish was cook on time but I had to serve Chawana and Dib "with" super noisy drill sound! I had to apologize coz the security installer was super stupid. (Time management failed giler, quotation harga lain, datang rumah harga lain, cakap dalam phone harga lain, patu tak brani complaint depan-depan!)

Overall, Chawana and Dib said the dish was "ok"................ but hubby rated my "mi bandung" as 7/10 becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ................I forgot to put eggs in it! And instead of "mi bandung", he said it's more to "mi udang". Boleh la...
Ya laaaaaaaaaaaaaa...lupaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

P/S : Hubby "really" knows how to do food tasting coz he grew up with his granny :) See my antique bowls up there? They were his late granny's.


Ako Retna said...

wah wah percubaan yang nampak menarik!!


nyumm nyumm... pstt ada lagi tak?
tapau pelissss :p

Biqque said...

bleh la sbb i bukan nyer terer masak :D

mee ada lagi, kuah je dah abis! hahaha! takpe ako, if ada open hs, i ajak u ok?

Unknown said...

marvellous!!! wanna save time, just use the ready made one :D

Unknown said...

eh, boleh buat menu open house nnt :)

Unknown said...

Emm boleh tahan la jugak.. 3 kali masak lagi, mesti leh bukak kedai terus..slurpppppppp nyam nyam..

Biqque said...

byya, bleh try :D
na, nak tunggu tiga kali tu tah bila la plak hahaha!
leyza, yup! tapi i blend sendri jer sume tu...

NeenaAnuar said...

mee bandung pun I suker! :)

Ely Hasrul said...

apesal tak jemput aku?!!! tak aci!! aku protess!!!!

Biqque said...

tunggu ko pindah BK la skinnnnnnnn! ko tu jauh bebenor if nak adhoc...

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