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Monday, December 20, 2010

Winner of I Love Giveaway - My Favourite Post!

Those in large font are the 5 shortlisted participants:

1. Ako - She likes Biq before and after.

2. Elle - She likes Biqclozet wall sticker.

3. Syima - She likes Aku blogger so what?.

4. Lin - She likes Emotional redirect.

5. Liz rohaizat - She likes Insadong.

6. Farah - She likes Zaman jahiliah tahap kolej.

7. Ila alia - She likes Borneo in nature day 2.

8. Hadifar - She likes Malaysia Sabah.

9. Nadratul - She likes ICity.

10. Cikshaz - She likes ICity.

11. Bella - She likes KLIM.

12. Ana ayesha - She likes Malaysia Teluk Intan.

13. Mama.aysh - She likes Biq before and after.

14. Miszpumpkin - She likes Indonesia Bali.

15. Noreed - She likes Kits & Crocs Johor Part 2.

16. Cute Mum - She likes Pool Tournament.

17. Nana - She likes Malaysia Fraser Hill.

18. Farhana - She likes ICity.

19. Elle Nazari - She likes Doa Untuk Mendapatkan Zuriat.

20. Azini MZ - She likes Myeongdong Market.

So, are you ready?

I Love Giveaway
My Favourite Post
goes to
Nana - Malaysia Fraser Hill


Why? "Chemistry", the most attention-grabbing-word that caught my interest!
The fact that she pointed out, "slightly the same word and the same photo",
during "our" visit to Fraser Hill, are appealing & interesting!

To Nana, please email me your details (fullname, address, and contact no.) at for your mystery gift!

To others, please don't be mad ya :) I really appreciate all of your entries, coz they are awesome! Don't go away as you still have chance for 2010 Year End Contest and 2011 Giveaway! This is just a beginning! Stay tune!


Anonymous said...

dah email details..tq!!

Biqque said...

congrats nana! ya, got ur email dy :)

Unknown said...

its oke. huhu.congrate tau .

Biqque said...

semangat tu la yg kita cari elle :)

ana ayesha said...

not mad at all join just 4 fun

Biqque said...

ana, bagus semangat tu :)

Ely Hasrul said...

wow congrats. seb beik aku xmasuk kalu idak aku marah kalu tak menang hahaha.. bila next GA. kena war2kan neh!

Biqque said...

next is contest...patu monthly GA la...

Syima Emi said...

congrats to the winner... memang dah agak nana boleh menang...

Unknown said...

hehe.xpe2. nwy congrate nana. cik biqque .nnt next GA sila roger kt elly tau.elly pasti akan join . :D

Biqque said...

syima, takpe, next time maybe korang plak kan?

elle, mestiiii :)

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