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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Aku blogger! So What???

Who is this guy? Read here. He organized this what I called "Blog World 101" and invite all bloggers to come out with an entry, as per below.

Everyone calls me Biqque [pronunciation : bik]. Though some people mis-called me as big, bik, biki, bit, spoon (huh?), I still accept it. I do have real name but kind off hate it as it is too general, too funny, too overused. In fact, people thought that I am a "filipino".

There’s a reason why Datuk Lat wrote the book, “From Taiping with love”. I was born in Taiping on 14th Sept 1978, eight days before my other half. So it is true, Taiping is the land of love, kan?

I wasn’t a popular kid in tadika kemas. It’s becoz I was the ugly duckling who always being spotted following her brother around the kindy area, after being rejected by my two teenage-elder-sisters. But hell yes, I started to have boyfriend during this age, till I got married. (Sumpah, I don’t lie on this. Kihkih!)

Being the only sibling who entered herself in a half-boarding school was quite edgy for me, when I was intentionally got isolated by my own classmate due to one funny issue. I was being accused to rampas someone’s abang angkat, who he himself, didn’t even know he was the “official” abang angkat for my friend! Boleh tak?

I was then got offered by Mara Community College for a two years prep on American Associate Degree Program, which at the end, was an entirely spoofed by the management. Hahaha! I continued my education at UiTM, and graduated with Bsc (Hons) in Information System Management, a total confused-course between IT and librarianship. (Tepuk dahi.)

Anyway, I chose to be one of the millions IT kuli in one small-medium sized company somewhere around the outskirt area nearby the most shopping complex. With a little bit of hardwork and outburst zombie-life, I managed to upgrade myself and be among IT kuli in one big and noted I-Balik-Malam company. (Go figure!)

I am now living in the place where jin used to bertandang with monthly shoplots break-in here and there (now gempak already you know, got police), with my beloved other half, a fat cat (who thinks he is a human), and no kids. Doa-doa la ye.

Blog. [noun, a journal written on-line and accessible to users of the internet]. I was introduced to blog world on the day I know how to write html codes. Though I learnt html ONLY to get a passing mark during Uni, I still try my best to apply it for my own interest. Similar to other millions of blogger, I have my own blog that I initially started in the sense of telling others on my travel tales, as well as tricks and tips.

Calling myself a blogger, indeed, experienced positive and negative feedbacks. Not to brag la kan, but most of the readers came from my own cliques and colleagues, not to mention my cyber-travel-friends as well, WILL definitely “like’ my posts and pictures. Haha! No, seriously, the only negative feedback that I’ve gotten was when I had this pool questions whether I am a fun traveler or vice versa. Out of 21 votes, 3 voted “Nope, sorry :(”. Kesian kan? Tapi ok la...dengki skit-skit. Hahaha!

Blogging for name and fame? HELL YES! Hahaha! Tell me, who doesn’t like to be famous? Jangan tipu la kannnn. The famous your blog, the noted you are! Kihkih! Obviously I like people to know my blog and read my posts, but in a good way lah. Coz what I am spreading now is the Beauty in Darkness of all the places that I’ve visited! Why sharing when you aren’t? That’s the definition of blog, read, write, or edit a shared on-line journal, if you didn't notice. So, spread the words ya’ll! :D

Proud blogger? Pffttt! (Gaya bosan.) 90-10. Most of the time, I’m proud. I was featured, I won contest, I organized photo challenge that gave RETURN FLIGHT TICKETS to people (don't play-play ar, even Canon-Air Asia gave one ticket only tau), you know, getting more and more stats and counters, things like that. The other 10%, well, I’m not. Reason why? I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DRAG READERS OUT THERE TO READ MY BLOG, LIKE REDMUMMY! (Mannnn, she’s good!)

Now Ben, I really want to be featured, and I don't care whether I don't win anything (what a liar), but what I want is like what you said, TO PROMOTE my blog. So Ben, hypnotized your 5000+ followers to be part of my readers ya? Hahaha!


Footnote : Credits to Ako who indirectly introduced this entry.


Ako Retna said...

hahahaha great!!

i will always love reading ur entry... !!

chaiyok! chaiyok!!

Azah Rahaman said...

salam blogger, teruskan brblogging yaa, datang dari segmen abg ben, jemput ke blog buruk saya jugak ea (:

Twilight Man said...

You sound like me before but I have mellowed down after people called me Grandma! I was given 2 blog awards for best Grandma Stories too but I am a male, you see. Tak berbaloi! I like your writingsssssss!

Biqque said...

ako, tx :D

azza, sure :)

twilight, hahahahaha serious??? neway, tx for supporting me :) can't wait for your trip post lagi! more! more!

Lily Riani said...

i miss blogging.... network slow giler di negara maharaja ming nih.... great post. i hope by the time i click submit, it wont hang ler... thats been happening frequent. the last 2 weeks nye post all written and post in advance. konon nak remain consistency ler...

keep on blogging.

Biqque said...

masih di sana? lei mo kao cho waaaaaaaaa...

Ely Hasrul said...

nih aku nak marah nih!!

pertama2 cmne bleh aku xtau post nih??

kedua2nye.. napa ko xsebut langsung pasal aku??!!!! bukan kah aku kesayangan ko???!!!


Anonymous said...

3,4 kali i baca kuor masuk kuor masuk dari arituh
tapi tak gak leave komen

coz i kan banyak drama


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