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Thursday, December 30, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010

Malaysia 1 - Indonesia 2
(Malaysia won by aggregate 4 - 2)

I encountered few panic attacks last night! How can Rajagobal told his boys to play defensive??? It was totally ridiculous and against what we had in Bukit Jalil! See what happen if you play too defensive? Ball was over the places that was not supposed to be there, kicked everywhere without your team members present, you think your team is Italy ka? Ayoyo aneeeee! Luckily ultraman came to rescue our keeper! (Did you guys see the green laser pointed on Fahmi's face, once? I didn't but hubby did!) Please, next time, PLAY OFFENSIVELY!

"We will try to play a bit offensively and we will try to be as well organised as possible."

Overall, I am satisfied since our National team has bring back the long lost glory, where we've entered this cup for the first time, and amazingly we won it! Anyhow, it was a bit disappointing to see Amirul Hadi was not in the game (good pair with Kuna), Kuna was not at his best spot, Norshahrul was not at his best samba, Safee was not able to shoot more and he was struggling alone up there. But credits to Fahmi who saved almost all trials, on top of Indonesian strikers who were not giving their best in front of our goals. (I just got to know that he HAS a girlfriend!)

Congratulation! Congratulation! Congratulation!

Malaysia @ 'Harimau Malaya' (Malayan Tiger) has now giving us a new hope in football, WITHOUT the presence of those 'popular' players in the team.

"But we can cope without the two players and I have confidence in the players that I have."

I 110% AGREED WITH YOU, RAJAGOBAL! This is what Malaysian want. Low gossip, high spirit! Lets put AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 as the new benchmark, to achieve more and more cups, gradually. I heard you Rajagobal, "Malaysia will not sit back."

And Safee, my advise, don't listen to Bambang. Hahahaha! Stay with Malaysian Team though I know, there will be a better place somewhere there in Indonesian League. You've played very well and scored beautiful goals, CREDITS to Norshahrul. So, congrats with your golden boots.



Ely Hasrul said...

aku tertanya2 penjaring tbyk dpt trophy aje ke?? cmne nk jadik MVP? dpt $10k tuh! iye benerrr asik defennnnnnnnnnnddd aje.. patu clear ke laut..panic attack aku! haihhh congrats!! yeahuuu

Biqque said...

ha, tu yg terus fofular tu, mesti ramai nak jadi gepren dia kikis duit tu hahahaha!

clearance mmg haram! dari duluuuuuu lagi msia main camtu tau, hishhh!

papepun, aku suka la kesebelasan ni :D

Azfar Irfaan said...

kita ada 3-0 advantage, the only logic reason is to play on the counter la beb hohoho.. same thing we did with vietnam.

tapi tak aci en, mamat yang dapatmvp tuh miss penalti, patut norshahrul or safee dapat mvp en..

p.s. lose the word verification. menggalakkan orang comment lagi beb

Ainna Jalil said...

satu je nak cakap,
proud to be malaysian :8)

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