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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pool Tournament

Lost by a black ball followed by a cue ball was such as stupid move in 8-Ball Pool Tournament. That was why I got second place last year.

Guess what is my rank this year? I was

A new "lady" who just joined IBM less than a year, registered herself in this tournament, and defeated the last year champ! (If she defeated the former champion, you know la what happened to me kan........) And who else can defeat a lady? "Pengkid" lah!

Anyway, she was very nice to me la, we talked and laughed on the last year champion, who was known with her "psycho" attitude and face (she didn't make friends with others, and wasn't smiled through out the tournament at all!) She actually dissatisfied with that "pengkid" coz that "pengkid" didn't hit the ball to the cushion, furthermore, she "snook"ed the opponent. Hahahaha! (If the ball hit the cushion, she might have a chance to repeat game with another contestant, that would have made her a winner!) Well, everyone finally agreed with the result and proceed with the prize giving ceremony.
Similar to last year, all contestants are given RM10 meal vouchers. But unlike last year, we didn't get trophy this year. Instead, champion got CUE WITH BAG (danggggg....), while second and third just got Tony Romas RM50 and RM100 meal vouchers. Pfftt! (The prizes are getting worst!)

Hmm...I think (actually hubby thinks) I'm getting worst in Pool...blame it on less practice! (I played once in a year...would that be enough???)

Footnote :
"Pengkid is girl who trying too hard to act, talk, and dress like a guy."

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