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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Selangor Blogger / Saya Blogger Selangor

Ok, I was called to do this entry right after I saw one of my blogger friend, Lin, did hers. Basically, all bloggers who wish to enter this so-called ice-breaking session organized by BPM, are needed to expose some of their info, such as name, status, contacts, place where you are living at, and what's best there.

As per my blog URL, I declared myself as Biqque.

Hi. I'm Biqque.
Hi Biqque...(like what you can see in alcoholic group therapy session, hahaha!)

And please don't crinkle your forehead as that is not my real name. (Well, you can read more here.) I was born in Perak, live in Selangor, but working at Kuala Lumpur. So tell me, which state should I posted my link in??? Hahaha! Find, I'll join Selangor clans, as I've been living here since 2001.

Owh, status? What's with status? To avoid married man playing funny with married woman? Or married man trying to seduce single woman? Hahaha! Fine! I am not single. I am married to a software developer who always think his program is the best, even with bugs. Hahaha! It's good to be the end user cum tester! We are not blessed with kids yet, but we are blessed with opportunities to travel around half of the globe (for now.)

Those who wish to keep in touch with me, I am reachable via email (, twitter (biqque) and facebook (biqque bikuchan). I don't greet strangers, and please please please, don't spam me :D

I've been living in 2-story house that we called 'Casa Natura' at Puncak Jalil for 3 years (and I guess, for the next 40 years), and this place rawks! Do you have any idea where the heaven is this place?
We are located in between of Equine Park and Kinrara, and we are confused with our district, either Seri Kembangan or Bandar Putra Permai, Land Office should answer this. Anyhow both works for posting address! Hahaha! The best thing that benefited us here, we can get anything that we want! Trust me! From the biggest Giant in M'sia (not one, but two), Jusco, McD, Dominos, KFC, Post Office, Maybank, Petronas, Police Station, Bomba, 7E, cheap burgers, cheap nasik goreng, cheap tailor, RM2 stores, RM0.70 teh o beng, you name it! It's the TOWN by itself! You are going to be surprise if you know, Subang people also use our road to access MEX highway! Hahaha!


3plepl8 said...

yes...dok sngor air percuma..

Biqque said...

hehehe! betui2!

syazana amira said...

salam ziarah dari nana :D

Biqque said...

hi nana :D

Unknown said...

salam kenal buat blogger selangor..=)

Bandar Putra Permai Resident said...

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