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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Love Giveaway Is Officially Closed!

I Love Giveaway - My Favourite Post
is officially

Here are the final list of participants :

1. Ako - She likes Biq before and after.

2. Elle - She likes Biqclozet wall sticker.

3. Syima - She likes Aku blogger so what?.

4. Lin - She likes Emotional redirect.

5. Liz rohaizat - She likes Insadong.

6. Farah - She likes Zaman jahiliah tahap kolej.

7. Ila alia - She likes Borneo in nature day 2.

8. Hadifar - She likes Malaysia Sabah.

9. Nadratul - She likes ICity.

10. Cikshaz - She likes ICity.

11. Bella - She likes KLIM.

12. Ana ayesha - She likes Malaysia Teluk Intan.

13. Mama.aysh - She likes Biq before and after.

14. Miszpumpkin - She likes Indonesia Bali.

15. Noreed - She likes Kits & Crocs Johor Part 2.

16. Cute Mum - She likes Pool Tournament.

17. Nana - She likes Malaysia Fraser Hill.

18. Farhana - She likes ICity.

19. Elle Nazari - She likes Doa Untuk Mendapatkan Zuriat.

20. Azini MZ - She likes Myeongdong Market.

OMG! I am so proud of you guys! I LOVE ALL ENTRIES! I know some of you have no idea who am I, but still, everyone has her (ya, all participants are ladies) own unique/interesting way of telling me their favourite post!

Thank you so much for your participation!

I Love Giveaway
My Favourite Post
goes tooooooooooo.....


AziniMZ said...

wah jadi last contestant.. ingatkan esok last day.. mlm ni rupa nya..

Anonymous said...

yeay..i'm in the list...hehhe
no 17...

Unknown said...

dah tutup dah. i no 19.btw.gudlak 4 me and all k~

Biqque said...

azini, 19 kan tutupnyer :) tengah malam...

nana :D tungguuuuuuuuuuuuu...

elle, goodluck!

tx alllllllllll...bleh buat lagi la camni! :D

HadifaR_LoVe said...

I already in da list...thnx...

ana ayesha said...

hi biqque!

tq listkan ana

Liz said...

cepat biqque. dah berdebar-debar. hehehe

Biqque said...

hadifar, ana, yup, u r in the list! :D mekasih ye!

Biqque said...

liz, dah kuar result :D takpe, nanti2 ada lagi tauuuuu!

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