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Monday, November 15, 2010

War Memorial of Korea

Food War Has Begun

The train finally reached the town at Cheongnyangni Station – Line 1 and the time showed 4.00PM. It was getting darker and our next stop should be Korean War Memorial. We initially felt contemplated whether we wanted to go or not since it is closed at 6.00PM. But looking at a group of Korean soldiers near the subway station struck us to go to the memorial. Even if it is closed, we still can enjoy the building architectural.
We took subway from Cheongnyangni Station – Line 1 and stopped at Samgakji Station – Line 4, and looked for Exit 12. It was 5 minutes walked from this station to reach the main gate of memorial. Ok, I lied…it took 10-15 minutes ‘slazy’ (slow and lazy) walking.

Tips : Walk 100 meters. To know that you are on the right track, you will see USO (Korean-American Friendship) on your right. Walk further up, till you see US and Korean soldiers crossing the road, heading to the camp. The memorial gate is just next to it.

True enough, the large museum-like memorial were about to close in 30 minutes. We passed by a group of high officers who were on-tour, and headed to the outside exhibition. It was the real combat war planes, ships, trucks, tanks, and artilleries, displayed along the side of the museum.
Since it was getting darker, we knew, we were short of lighting. So we took out the tripod and placed it to anywhere that we wanted, snapped pictures, from one side to another.Afraid of got kicked out from the yard, we took the last picture of Statue of Brothers from the main gate. I must said, DSLR RAWKS! It able to capture this statue, 40 meters away, at 7.00PM local time (it was dusk!)“Ok, let’s go…I’m hungry…” said hubby.

“Where?” I asked him, confirming where we were going to have dinner.

I flipped the tour cookbook and looked for Halal Resto.

Tips : Most of Halal Restos are located at Itaewon-Line 6. From Indian cuisine, Middle East, Pakistan, Bangladesh is ready to serve. Hell no, they don’t have ‘nasik goreng kampung’.

“So, Itaewon we go.”

Tips : Samgakji Station has two lines, Line 4 and Line 6. To go to Itaewon, you should take Line 6. Locals are mobile crazy so don't expect them to give you a seat. If there is no seat, 'find' one at the bicycle area. Do it ONLY if Locals do it.
It was a quick ride (3 stations) and we walked out from the subway. There were lots of vendors alongside this road that selling winter attires. And it wasn’t cheap! We hardly saw Halal signs and we have walked almost 100 meters away from the subway. Then I saw one Malay guy walking towards us.

I stopped him and asked “Melayu ke?”

“Ha…Melayu le…” with Kelantan slang.

“Haaaaa…tau tak mana nak cari kedai makan? Lapar gile dah ni…” I asked him where to find any Halal Resto, for we were too damn hungry.

“Ooo…jale straight belah sane, banyok keda Pakiste…kije ke hanimun?” He asked us to walk straight and looked for Pakistani Resto.

“Tak la, jalan-jalan…tak kuasa la honeymoon, dah tiga tahun dah kawin…” I told him we were in Seoul for tourism, not for honeymoon or business purpose.

“Sampa sini je la…mu jale straight, ada tanda halal kak tepi kiri…” he reached his hotel and advised us to walk straight until we see the ‘Halal’ sign on the left.
Thank god we found one small Kebab restaurant and within the radius, we saw more and more Halal restaurants. As we thought, halal food will always be expensive. We paid for 11,000=RM33 for two Chiken Kebab and a bottle of drinking water. We stayed for a while and watching people walking nearby…and saw something interesting…a Transgender Club! Hahaha! Omigod!

We then walked back to the subway and caught a train at Itaewon – Line 6. We interchanged at Dongmyo and changed to Line 1 to stop at Jongno 5(o) ga. As usual, we got familiarized with the subway lines very fast, and luckily, our hotel located at one of the easiest lines in town.
Tips : Don't forget to get back your subway card deposit 500won=RM1.50 EVERYTIME you go out from the exit. The deposit refund machine is located somewhere around the exit and it looks like this.Tips : Subway also has this one big screen with traveler's info, maps, places of interest, hints and tips. Find one next to Girl's Generation (SNSD) billboard.On the way back to the hotel, we saw locals eating bulgogi and I swear, my saliva was cumulating so fast and waiting to thaw, anytime.“Ahhhhhhh ni semua babi babi babiiiiii!” as a Muslim, we don’t eat pork and ALL THESE RESTAURANTS SELL PORK!Hi maggie mee. Nice to eat you.


Unknown said...

i pon terliur je xdpt makan bulgogi kat sane cz xhalal huhu...
I pegi sekali je Itaewon tu cari mkanan halal n HRC tp skang dh ttp dah. Mahal satu hal, dtg korea makan mkanan Pakistan, Turkish etc mcm xfeel pulak kekorean tu hehe...maggi mee ttp setia disisi :)

Ako Retna said...

dat day i pegi pun makan pakistan nya kedai.. ermm ok la drp kena makan kobis tetiap masa.. erkk fengsan ok klu last day aritu x jumpa makanan selain kobis.. ehehe

Biqque said...

byya, dah tutup dah HRC tu, tinggal board ngan gitar je...tu ar, takde ke bulgogi halal wehhhhh?

ako, kobis? hahahaha! gile arh tak lalu!

Lily Riani said...

my sis took korean classes at KTO here in kl, if you go to KTO, they will give you halal resto name/address as well as pork free/vegetarian. they cater alot for muslim tour. get your friends to ask them.

Biqque said...

lily, tak yah, ada semua...cuma malas je nak pegi sbb tau, mmg mahal :D

Ely Hasrul said...

mana gambo transgender club nyee?? hahahhaa

gambo last tu comel!

Biqque said...

ish tak brani aku hehehe!

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