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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bukchon Hanok Village

Giwa Tiles
We reached Bukchon Hanok Village 15 minutes later. It was just 100 meters away from the Changdeukgung Palace.
Tips : If you are from subway, stop at Anguk Station – Line 3 and walk to Exit 3.

I once asked hubby during the preparation of our Tour Cookbook itinerary, why he chose Bukchon Hanok instead of other Cultural Villages. He told me that Bukchon was once famous with its luxury tile-roofed houses since Joseon Dynasty. It was also known as the residence for the royal family and high-ranking officials. So we must see this traditional village and hopefully, it is nice as what it being portrayed.

“Where’s the Information Center?”
Hubby looked around.

“We can get map from there…”
He continued.

Tips : Look for Information Counter before you start exploring. It will make your life easier.

But we saw none. We were already in one of the Bukchon’s alley and the scene was not much different with what we had read, so we knew we were in the exact place. Walking up the alley was quite fun when we were entertained by two local boys who were playing arcades, OUTSIDE the game shop. Fun huh?
Then I saw one lady with one long pink handbag, walking in heels. WOW! Such a trendsetter! I thought I should get one but walking with it in M’sia? Nahhhh. People might think I carry snooker cues :D
“Eh, where to go la?” I asked.

We bumped into one local guy and he pointed Bukchon to the left. We also saw more and more local tourist approaching to the left, so it must be the right direction.
I saw one shop full with Korean artists merchandise and straight away asked for the sticker that Adib asked."Su-ti-ke-o?" I pronounced it exactly like what google translate advised.

"Huh?" The shop guy didn't get it.

"Sticker?" I repeated in English.

"Aaa..." He understood! Duhhhhh!

"Girl's Generation?" He passed me one. "T-ara?" He again, didn't understand.

Then one local guy explained to him. "Oooo popular :D" He smiled.

"Hehehe...ok, 4 Minute?" I refreshed.

"No popular also..." He replied. We laughed, didn't know whether M'sia is ahead or vice versa. But most of the merchandise are conquered by men artists.

Then we went out from the shop and continued walking. Weird thing about this place was no one outside these houses. I meant the villagers. I thought like “open house” where all villagers will go out in their traditional costumes “hanbok” and greet you, asking you to come into their compound and have a tea.But I was wrong! Hahaha! Then I had another thought where, these villagers knew that this place has been one of the tourist interests, but how did they live their life when people kept visiting their areas right?

“No la…these houses changed to shops and personal museums already…”
said hubby. “Maybe some still stay here la…”

“Ooooo…” replied the dumb-non-blonde.
We continued walking between houses from down to up of the hill. Some planted small green and purple cabbages outside their house. Some glued used handphones on the wall. Some had midget doors. Some had antiques like big jars that stored Kimchii.

Tips : There are 8 views where you can enjoy the beauty of Bukchon Hanok Village. Find any plate with “Photo Spots” around the area like clues from Amazing Race. Hahaha!

We did find one but the haze has taken the view. So we didn’t care to find the rest.
We walked down the hill and passed by one school with Green Zone and Smoke-Free Zone. Interesting. Followed by this board, we saw a line of white bikes with big yellow “I” next to it.
“Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…this is the Information Centerrrrrrrrrrrr.” Hubby showed his frustration.

After we finished explore the whole village, then only we got the map. Hahaha!
Ya, we always do the hard way. That’s what you call EXPERIENCE.

Tips : Information Center provides you rental for bicycle and GPS, according to the Photo Spots. Enjoys!


Ako Retna said...

leh add u kat fb? hahaa nak tgk ur pics ar... ;-)

TikkoSS said...

wah.. i can sense another good photographer.. nice pics.. love it so much.. nice place too..wish i can go

Biqque said...

ako, sila2...biqque bikuchan...

tikkoss, hahahaha now cheap dy, go la...

Ako Retna said...

alamak dah try cari tp xde pun... btul ke ejaan nya tu??

Ako Retna said...

ur name xde ar.. maybe u can add me retnawati mohd yusof ;)

Lily Riani said...

my sis said something of similar but i cant remember the name... dangg

Unknown said...

korean girls are fashionable and beautiful. I remembered one night we went out it was raining and they r still in their heels and dressing up.

Biqque said...

nanti i add u ako...

lily, apanyer?

byya, mmggggg...

Unknown said...

pompuan korea yang pakai baju wane itam tu, dia bawak beg apa? basikal ke? macam beso dan panjang jek..

Biqque said...

na, i rasa tu handbag dia...gile unik kan?

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