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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lucky No. 14,978!

Did you guys notice this?
(See the sidebar panel on the top right)

Well, someone noticed it!

***Azini Zawawi!***
She has put an extra mile to email me the screen shot
and I'm proud to let her claim her lucky gift!, it is not a return flight ticket :D

But I'm 110% sure that it will not be 1, but 3!
So just wait for your gift(s) to reach your doorstep ya :D


Lily Riani said...

congrates azimi (even though i dont know you :D )... leh share hadiah?

AziniMZ said...

Lily : Azini la :P share hadiah? reben tu boleh la.. hehehe..

Biqque : tQ2.. tak sia2 dok follow blog u..

Biqque said...

ala, tak seberapa :) harap suka :)

Ely Hasrul said...

ciss aku xsmepat capture!! (gara2 jeles dgn hadiah itew!)haha congrats ye azinimz

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