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Friday, November 12, 2010

Amiga Motel

The Naked Truth

“So…which way?” I asked hubby.

“We have to find that big red shop, just like the one in this picture.” Hubby showed me the image of the shop in our Tour Cookbook.

“Ya la, but which way?” I reconfirmed.

“Hmm…we walk first…”

We headed to the right and the further we walked, the silent it became. Before we got lost in direction, we stopped two young Korean guys in high school jackets and asked for their help.
I showed them our hotel name and asked them whether they know where the hotel located at but obviously they never heard of it. Amazingly, one guy took out his handphone and looked for GPS. At the same time, another guy walked towards the nearest bus stop and looked at the bus stop name, and returned back to his friend to search for that bus stop location. Freaking helpful! And guess what, they finally found the hotel location and showed us the direction!
Tips : Make sure you have the hotel picture, name and address in Korean, and if possible, get a complete direction with landmarks.

It was actually the other side of the road. We turned back and walked towards the given direction and saw few middle-aged working class guys who got drunk and wasted. But they didn’t bother to disturb us, they just finding their way back home. Tension keje, minum, mabuk, balik. Bangun pagi, pegi keje balik. Hahaha!
We finally found that big red shop! Yay! Another 200 meters, in a darkest and soundless alley, we saw Lee’s Hotel, where Amiga Motel was just next to it. It was 1.15AM and we saw an old uncle waited at the reception, a non-speaking old man who I believed, the owner of the hotel. His wife was there on the floor, sorting something. Lucky his daughter able to speak simple English and checked us in, and directed us to our room.
We paid for one night of classic room, and two nights of modern room. The modern room was cheaper by RM20 but due to unavailability of it on the first night, we had to waste our money, just to get a 9 hours sleep (check out time was 11.00AM). Pfft!

“The floor quite warm eh?”

“Got heater beneath the floor la I guess…but this blanket keep body heat tau…touch this…warm huh…” Hubby explained a.k.a bullshitting me (he always do that).
“No la…I think it’s the bed la…got heater under the bed, that’s why the floor got heated…” I tried to challenge his theory.

Hubby then went into the bathroom and explored. Usually hotel gave mini packs of shampoo, conditioner, body shampoo, but this motel gave a big bottle of Dove shampoo, conditioner and body shampoo, plus, a big tube of toothpaste, just like what you have at home! He then peed and tried to flush out by pressing the water lever next to the toilet bowl and suddenly water splashed out up high straight to the see-through bathroom door! Nasib baik tak kena muka! And YES, the door was see-through! Means you can see someone doing his or her business! Kahkahkah!
He then asked, “Eh don’t have towel?”

We looked around, in the bathroom, on the bed, found none. There were only three pieces of face towels, a bottle of hair wax, hair spray, two types of comb, perfume and after shave, on the dressing table. My goodness! Hair spray and perfume? And next to the dressing table, there was a cold and hot water dispenser, as big as what you can find in your office pantry! Hebat gile! But there was no closet la…only two pieces of hanger and couple of hooks to hang your coat and jeans.
Ok, back to the towel story. Hubby said, “I think Korean just use towel to wipe off…maybe they don’t cover up their asses and birdies.” We laughed out loud as we had to walk sideways around the room, covered ONLY the front parts and left the backside alone, and warned each other not to peep each other’s asses. Can you guys imagine what if friends or families share this room? Ewww!

Tips : Unless your hotel is Amiga Motel, bring spare lightweight towel that can cover your suppose-covered parts!

Over the night, once a while we had to kick down the quilt coz the bed became overheated! Hahaha! (Ya, no remote.)


Ako Retna said...

weii part towel tu adehhh klu imagine harus nak gelak je.. hahaa...

memang x sesuai ni klu share ngan kengkawan atau sedara mara lain.. malu malu hahha :p

but u're lucky dapat jumpa 2 boys yg very helpful .. ;-)

Biqque said...

hahahahaha ako, MEMANG tak bleh blah part towel tu...kitorang sendri pun tatau nak wat pe dah...hahaha!

tu ar, nasib baik diorang ada GPS kat dlm hp...

debyG! said...

hotel ko ada feel cam love hotel @ Tokyo. mesti warmmmmmmm all d way. hehehehehe..

ha... en.syahrul nampak kacak di kota seoul! :)

debyG! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lily Riani said...

means i hv to bring gps (berat ler bag) and towels ler kan..

Ely Hasrul said...

dh la tpaksa tutup sikit patu kena gelak sbb gelihati hahaha buduh.. betoi ka xdek towel?? hahhaa

Biqque said...

lily, if ada bawak la...tapi takde la sesat teruk, ok jer ikut map...

skin, jenuh gelak terkedek2!

deb, kacak kah? hahahaha!

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