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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Visa For Japan : The Application

Our Visa for Japan is approved! Clearly, not all applications gone through the same. You might be tired of asking people (like me) on how this and that, and what not. So, I am sharing with you guys on how I got my Visa, hoping that you guys have a better view in getting yours.

1) Bank Statement.
What you need.
First, you have to prepare an amount of money in your bank. The reason being is to get it projected in your balance, for you to print and get it certified by the bank itself. There is no exact amount that stated in the application but most of the applicants will prepare, in the range of RM7,000.00 to RM10,000.00 in their saving account.
What I did.
Chawana told us that she prepared the bank statements for both, husband and wife, but the officer took only the husband's statement. To be exact, the officer took the least balance of the statement (though both of them put in lots of cash). Tricky huh? The officer purposely took the least, so that he could jeopardize the chances for the Visa to be approved. And so we (hubby and I) planned, to pump in RM10,000.00 each in our account, so that the officer couldn't choose! Hahaha! And guess what? He couldn't make up his mind, so he took both statements! Gotcha!
What is the trick.
If you are rich enough to have cash in hand (bukan saya), you have no problem to do this. Or else, borrow from Ah Long/Ceti/family/bff/WIFE, pump in the money (via M2U or walk in), print the statement (only the main page with your name, account number, balance), get it certified there and then, cash out the money, and voila! Repeat the same process for other applicants that are applying with you (rotate the money). DO NOT print out the transaction ok? And it took at most 5 minutes to get it certified (Maybank). Btw, ASB MIGHT not acceptable. So pepandai la transfer ye.

2) Picture.
What you need.
Second, you have to prepare 1 piece of passport picture, with white background, in the size of 2" X 2". Ordinary passport picture is not acceptable.
What I did.
Since I have experienced in applying USA Visa, I know how the picture should be like. At first, I thought of using the same picture, but wasting RM15 for new picture is a must thing to do. Hahaha!
What is the trick.
If you already have it, use it! You going to repeat the same thing. For free hair like me, I am requested to show both of my ears. If your ears are not visible, put some tissue behind it to push it out. That's what happen if you have smaller ears or telinga kemek sebelah! Pfft! (Telinga cacat!) And smile without showing your teeth ha!

3) Employment Letter.
What you need.
Third, you have to get your confirmation of employment from your company. This is to ensure that you are employed, have a good job back in your country, and assurance of coming back to Malaysia.
What I did.
It's quite easy for me, for MNC status company has a template for Visa application-confirmation-letter. You just need to tell them the date, reason of traveling, and the embassy address. 
What is the trick.
The simplest letter that you could acquire from your company is to put in that you are an employee of the company, with start date and post, and attention to whom it may concern. Period.

4) Itinerary.
What you need.
Forth, you have to have plan for your itinerary. The standard format is downloadable from the website. They want to know where you will be going regardless if it's genuine or not.
What I did.
I did nothing. We copied some from Chawana (muah!) and hubby added in few details. Well, they wouldn't know whether you are going but don't put too much of Osaka la when you are landing at Tokyo kan.
What is the trick.
Ask Google. Copy out from others (your friends) or travel agency websites. Put as simplest and clearest as you can, ie : Day 1 - Seightseeing Tokyo, and stay in Hotel Wasukamurah. Hahaha! Too many places and too details might get you into trouble.

5) Application Form.
What you need.
All applications should have application form, regardless any type of application you are applying. So fill it in, and make sure it is written in black ink. Please be aware that Visa is valid for 3 months, so DON'T apply too early.
What I did.
I fill it in lah. Those fill that you don't know, ask around. But it is mostly, comprehendo.
What is the trick.
Download the sample and follow accordingly. The most valuable information that they want to see is your hotel name, contact no., and address. G to the O to the GGLE. Hotel Wasukamurah maybe? And of course, the departure date and aircraft details.

6) Marriage Cert.
What you need.
If you are married, regardless with kids or not, you have to prepare the marriage cert. Make a copy for both, husband and wife, coz you are submitting it individually.
What I did.
We just took whatever balance of copies that we have, when we applied for EPF withdrawal. Unlike Chawana who has Aqilah and the officer just have a look on their marriage cert, the officer took ours. Hmm...maybe Aqilah is bigger than the marriage cert. (We should have brought Aqilah along kan?)
What is the trick.
Get married la for you to have the cert. Hahaha! And DON'T LOSE it!

How to submit and collect your Visa? Click here for Visa for Japan : The Submission and Collection.

P/S : I heard from Chawana that AA has increased the flying frequency to Japan. What are you guys waiting for? Grab one! (And it is CHEAP! Babi! Pfft!)

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28 holler:

bdk2 @ John said...

saya saya saya firssttt!!!!

bdk2 @ John said...

wahhh...10k ko letak biq??? nk pinjam skit nnt boleh?? *wink*

sungguh details explanation ko nih! curlasttt ko maria~

bdk2 @ John said...

hurm...mane sume org? dah tido ke? duh~

bila laaa pulak giliran aku nk smpai japan ni.

Biqque said...

aku saje test john, sebab tu aku letak. slama ni orang tak penah kasitau exact amount, so aku cite la pengalaman sebenar aku :D takpe, aku PASTI ko akan pegi jua satu hari nanti...ganbatte john-kun!

bdk2 @ John said...

insyaALLAH amin...

esok jgn lupa makan sate!!!

shah_rule said...

tidak pernah ku duga begitu susah meh nak dapat visa dia.. kepale hotak la nak 10k dalam account.. haha
adoi kalo nk g btol tu kene pinjam along, pastu malam pulang balek.. kene caj tak rase nye?? haha

Janggel said...

Susahnya nak buat Visa pg Jepun ni Biqque.... aku terpaksa pikir 207 kali tang duit seploh ribu dalam akaun tu huhuhuh nanges! bile aku nak g jepun kalu cenggini!!!

Anyway thanks for sharing...sangat usefull!!!

BlueEwoke said...

Nampak gayanya semua orang dah selamat buat visa jepun hahahaha.. tak pe la kalau diorg nak amik semua cert tu, jgn berlaku pembaziran, nanti janggel marah, ingat moto *lets save the environment*

Hmm mungkin jugak kerana Aqilah besar gedabak, so marr.cert tu dah overshadow dah lalalalala..

Ok jom ramai2 banjiri Jepun, Tokyo 7x weekly ok..huhuhu

BlueEwoke said...

Hahaha John dan Shah_rule, tak semestinya kena 10k, Cawan taruk 7k lepas jugak.. kalau tak lepas jugak, korang pinjam la duit sesapa kasi cukup 10k tu heheheh

Diana Diane Teo said...

I feel like want to go JIPUN again!!! AA got promotion for japan recently and it is really cheap. Although my friend bought the cheapest one which cost RM330 but he need to try for almost 3 hours. Now cost RM515 for return to Tokyo. So sad no travelmate wanna go with me :(

Biqque said...

ye adik2...sila jgn terpukau dengan RM10k tu, anda juga bleh meletakkan RM7k dimana sudah terbukti, lepas jua :D

cara mudah, bank in, print, certify, withdraw balik. settle. embassy bukan nak check pun akaun kita :)

shah_rule said...

chawanna: harga AAX yg 7x per weeks tuh memang buatkan aku drooling.. tapi bila pikir VISA at least 7k~ terus lebam muka aku... hahaha

AjlaA said...

wah. *clap clap*
sgt complete. dan sy sgt suka dgn corak presentation di atas. terang, jelas dan nyata. mudah difahami

baca je dulu. pergi belum tentu. pergi dalam mimpi mungkin lah. kehkeh.

thanks for sharing~

Twilight Man said...

I must say THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH for sharing this important information! Without your advice, I think my friends would kill me as we have booked 6 tickets to Osaka and almost wanna apply Visa already. I think we will pool our money and rotate RM50K in everyone's account. LOL. Ha ha ha!

Biqque said...

shah_rule, takpe, masa depan ko cerah, PASTI ko mampu :) rajin2 buat on call ye hahaha!

ajlaa, senang orang nak paham...slalu orang tak cite pasal letak duit tu...

twilight, GLAD to hear that more or less, i have helped you :D yeay for that 50k (shiat!) seriously that much??? hahaha! if each of you guys share money and do 2 persons at one time still have rm25k in bank! wow! :D

Ely Hasrul said...

iye.. iye benar.. 10k tuh utk letak aje, kang aku nk pg xcukup aku mintak duit biqq hahahahha

wahh dh approved visa! besh besh!!


Anyway i pun dh beli tiket ke japan march ni...klau self employed mcmana ye?xde surat majikan...

Biqque said...

Shasha, self-employed lain plak. Ada kat website diorg..tak silap cam kena ada surat company kot. Dlm form pun ada portion utk fill-up.


TQ biqque for reply...anyway yg kt form tu kn suruh isi guarantor or reference in japan tu tak perlu isi kn??

Biqque said...

i tak isi sbb yg tu tak perlu...but self employed i tak sure sbb dia tak detail out yg tu utk sape...if u rajin, bleh try call...if nak save, bleh gak try letak daripada takde kan...but if tak letak, harap2 takde pape la, or else, dia akan call for more info la nanti...

Sasha said...

hi. i terjumpa your blog. i nak tanya about the itinerary. i akan stay at my fren's house in japan nnt for 1 week. yg bhgn contact no and address tu isi maklumat kawan i ke? and for each day ke kena isi maklumat yg sama?

Biqque said...

sasha, kitorang pun stay umah kawan tapi i letak alamat hotel n phone hotel jer, senang, takde banyak songeh n soal...

each day maklumat sama? part mana? itinerary ke? ala u letak jer, tempat2 tokyo yg u nak gi tu, sehari 2 tempat...jadi la :)

moojane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aqilah said...

hi~~sy nk tny pasal itinerary tu.
sy masuk thru osaka n keluar thru haneda. 2 hari in kyoto, the rest in tokyo. so how shud my itinerary look like? patut list kan tokyo je ke? too detail itinerary boleh reduce chances to get approve x?huhu. thnx!

Anonymous said...

salam, nak tanya kalau print out bank statement sekali ngan transaction akan jeopardize application kita ke?

Biqque said...

aqilah, iti tu letak general pun takpe, like:

day 1 : osaka
(letak dua tiga tempat)

day 2 : osaka
(letak dua tiga tempat)

day 3 : tokyo
(letak dua tiga tempat)

day 4 : tokyo
(letak dua tiga tempat)

and so on.

anon, takyah, kasi je yg total balance ada ribu2 tu. if kasi details, nanti kantoi plak baru masuk duit kuar duit.

Sarah Sarrah said...

Assalamualaikum W.B.T., hye nak tanye, nak print bank statement tuh kene pergi bank or boleh print kat umah n bawak pergi bank or cane? sorry sy confuse.. =( and then macam mane bole print statement without transaction? warggh! gila le kene 7K lam akaun... dah la saye nie student... let's say sy pnjm duwet ayah, then bank in, pastu after print out bank statement, lastly withdraw balik duwet boleh kan? pastu kalo saya pergi bulan october, kene bank statement bulan september ke centu? or 3 months bank statement yg u maksud kene july, august and september ke gitu? sori banyak tanye.. btw thank you so muchh... so sorry tanye soklan mcm bullet train... T__T

Biqque said...

sarah, kena ada cop bank, so better gi bank. pinjam je duit mak ayah, patu bank in, gi bank, print kan, patu nanti bleh kuarkan balik :) diorang tak check pun akaun u tu ada lagi ke tak duit ahahaha.

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