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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Red Fort or Lal Qila

“Our final day in India…sigh…we going to visit all remaining places today right?” I asked hubby since we didn’t get a chance to visit Red Fort yesterday.

“Eh, I want to post this postcard to Malaysia…where’s the post box ar?” Chawana asked us while walking inside the train station compound.

That would be Chawana’s ritual, whenever they went out of country. She asked the hotel reception and they informed that we can post it at the train station.

At the train station, we walked slowly to avoid from overlooking the post box. And yup, we didn’t see any. We stopped at nearby open-concept office (hahaha) and asked where the post box was and they showed us the red big box, which was right next to the office, just before the train station. There wasn’t any indication stated on the box whether it was for out of country or in country. Chawana then let God do the right thing, deposited the postcard in one of the box, and prayed for the card to reach her house in two weeks.From Delhi Metro Station, we bought metro tickets to Chandni Chwok. Our purpose was to do some shopping, since we had missed our good time shopping in Jaipur. But it was too early at that time and all shops weren’t open yet. (Wait for our shopping entry ya!)
Tips : Chandni Chwok is one of the best place for saree hunting. Anyhow, you can’t find fridge magnet here. Serve you right for not buying it at Jaipur and Agra.

We skipped shopping and proceed to visit the Red Fort. It was located at the end of the road but the luck wasn’t on our side, the place was closed.
Tips : This fort also one of the UNESCO site in India that you must visit. Same like other forts, it has Diwan-i-Am and Diwan-i-Khas, surrounded by beautiful green grass and other monuments. It is also best viewed at night.Thinking of too many fort visits, we didn’t really bother to get inside, as fort is best viewed from the outside. So we just snapped few pictures from the outer gate, where we saw some funny things on our way.There was an underground subway signboard in front of this Red Fort a.k.a Lal Qila but it was used for tourist bus stop. We didn’t dare to peek in since we believed that there is no subway in India at all. So we skipped finding the truth.
Another bizarre scene that caught our intention was the open-concept toilet!

Tips : Don’t get fool with the statement “Waterless & Odourless Hygienic Urinal”.

“How can ammonia has no smell? And how can waterless toilet be a hygienic place? Can someone tell me?”
I forced hubby to get behind the wall and asked him to acting pee. (The watermark isn’t from him okay! Hahaha!)

“Aaaaaaaaaaa faster laaaaaaa, it super stinks in here!” hubby cried out loud.

To add the fun, we saw one unattended cart at the road side, selling refrigerated water. Licensed somemore! Hahaha! Where the hell this street vendor gets electricity to chill the water huh? Owh…ice cube maybe…

For history element, read Travelista's version here (in English)
For trip experience, read Chawana's version here (in Bahasa)


Ako Retna said...

weiii yg toilet open tu, erkk klu pompuan nak buang air camno???

Ely Hasrul said...

ya allahh waterless hahahhahahaa xtahan aku sharul leh masuk dlm tu.. hahahhaha sure busuk giler!

Biqque said...

pompuan takde la ako :D khas utk laki jer...

skin, yucks! ko dok sebatu pun leh bau hahaha!

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