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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Chawana asked us and I referred to our Trip Cookbook.

“Well…we have skipped and rearranged few places yesterday…so we have left with Rajghat, India Gate, Humayun’s Tomb, Jama’ Masjid and last minute shopping.”

“I think, we skip Humayun’s Tomb coz we’ve been visiting none other than tombs throughout this trip…”

“HAHAHAHAHAHA!” we all laughed.

“…and we skip Jama’ Masjid since the architectural seems more or less like others…”

“Hmmm…” we contemplated.

“…so I think we visit Rajghat lah…hey, who doesn’t want to visit Gandhi right?”

“Yeahhhh! No Gandhi, No YIndia!”

And so we waited at the road side, stopped a tuk-tuk. We paid Rp70=RM4.90 and reached Rajghat in not more than 10 minutes.

Tips : Rajghat is quite near to Red Fort but it is not a walking distance. Tuk-tuk is the best option to go to this place though it is in HOHO list.
This place is noticeable from the main road as it has a huge signboard and a very wide grassy compound. We stopped at the road side and walked into the area.Tips : There is no entrance fee for this area. I believe Gandhi won’t be happy if they charge people to meet him.

We were welcomed with beautiful green and yellow colors along the pathway. There were water fountains too. The scene was calm and silent, the best setting to visit the “Father of the Nation”.We saw two tiers of walkways. We opted for upper tier that allowed us to make a square round in order to see the black marble. I looked closely to the Rajghat and saw one eternal flame at one corner that is believed to be perpetual.
Hubby and I snapped few pictures and each side of the square memorial gave different slightly different views.
Looking down the stone footpath, I saw visitors in bare foot, approaching the black marble. We thought of going down…to see the epitaph, “O Ram”, that is believed to be the last word uttered by Gandhi…to stand where other foreign leaders at…but in bare foot? Hmmm…
Tips : Everyone has to remove their footwear for the sign of respect. But beware, dogs are also seen in this area. And please, don’t wear this fancy hat!
Opposite this cremation spot, few hundred meters across the road, there was Gandhi’s Museum that kept lots of memories during his era. We didn’t enter the place as we need to race against time. We walked out from the memorial and saw one tuk-tuk, in the middle of changing tyre. We prayed to Allah, not to give any obstacles, enough with this diarrhea…urgh!
India Gate, we must visit.

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For trip experience, read Chawana's version here (in Bahasa)


KiD said...

interesting... and nice view there.. like flower's pix..

dont forget comment at Isu Gula Tambahan di dalam Susu Tepung Bayi

Ely Hasrul said...

hahaha pe jadah pakai topi gitu. hahaha.. comel2..

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