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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Amber Fort or Amer Fort

We woke up around 9am and had breakfast in hotel dining area around 10am. We’ve got to order EVERYTHING on the menu so we gave no face to them and ordered more than what we should.
Tips : Pack for your lunch coz the next location that you plan to visit might not have any restaurant.

By this time, Chawana started to feel cold and suspected to have fever. She ate and relaxed for a while on the couch before we started our journey. Today’s plan wasn’t that packed. We only had two places in list and the first place to shoot was Amber Fort, also known as Amer Fort.

Tuk-tuk at Jaipur was bigger than tuk-tuk at Agra, so all of us had better and cozy own-space in it. The trip to Amber Fort took about an hour (I almost slept-sitting) and again, we had to pass by the city of pink. Suddenly, we saw something at the middle of the lake.

“WOW! What’s that???” We looked to the right, to one floating monument. Scary.

“Ooooo that’s Jal Mahal. We stop by later on the way back can?” Thanks to hubby who really made his homework.

We approached a deserted area with high rocky mountains and we saw long, thick, zig-zag, red wall along the peaks.
“Great Wall of India???” Yes, we just got to know that India also has great wall, like China. It's Amber Palace!
On the left, we saw wide streams that separated the main road and the fort. The fort was stunning and spectacular!
“Wahhhhhhhhhh! I feel like we are in Egypt!” Though I never been there.
We paid the tuk-tuk driver and went into the gated compound. “No ticket?” We wondered.

Tips : Fort entry is free. Only Palace entry is chargeable.

While Chawana setup Aqilah’s stroller, I played with pigeons at the complex entrance. There were thousands of them! I walked slowly towards them and shoved them away. Hahaha!
We started our journey slowly, walking towards the walkway and didn’t stop snapping pictures. Snap, snap, snap! The scenery from down here was incredible and marvelous. From the wall, the building, the stream, and elephants…

“ELEPHANT RIDE??? Wanna try???” We got excited but the fee was way too expensive! Rp900=RM63.00!
Tips : If you dare to ride, do ride. If you have money to spend, do spend. But walking and riding give two different experience.

“Fine! We walk!” We stomped the ground. Haha! And believe it or not, Chawana pushed and lifted up Aqilah’s stroller, ALL THE WAY UP! U THINK GOT CRAZY PEOPLE DID THIS??? ONLY US! HAHAHA!
And Aqilah as usual, was the limelight along the way.

We stopped at one flat area once we saw one mountain goat. I tried to pose next to it but it ran away from me. Haha! So I copied four young tourists posed and made it mine.
In front of the main gate called Bhairav Gate, there was an intersection between elephant trail with our walkway. We had to wait until all the elephants passed by and quickly ran across the trail to get under the huge gate. Waited along the trail, line of photographers kept on calling in high pitch, asking the tourists to face them, so that they can capture their ride. And we imitated them well! Hahaha! Halo! Halo! Halo!
Once we were in the compound, we were served with huge square not-so-packed-ground with buildings around it. We straight away walked towards a bench between two trees.
“You guys go ahead…I stay with Aqilah here…” Chawana still didn’t recover from fever.

Hubby and I walked towards the back side of the fort and we were amazed with mountains, villages, rocks…what a beautiful landscape! Exactly like what we saw in Middle East countries.We then decided to enter the palace to get more shots of the fort. We paid Rp100=RM7, walked up the stairs, and entered the palace.

Tips : It is worth to visit the palace coz there are many things to explore. Don’t forget to pose at the small window.

Inside the palace, there were main hall on the left and another smaller façade at the front. We went inside and there were gardens in the middle. Around this area, there were watchtowers at every corner and from here, we can see the whole area from south to west and north to south. Amazing!
“You wait here, I go down, I take your picture from below, you take my picture from here.” Hubby instructed me to stay at the small window, the highlight of the palace.

While waiting for hubby to go down, I heard one guide explained to his tour group members that the queen who stayed at this palace, was equipped with tons of jewelry, approximately 35kg, UNTIL she had to move around via wheelchair! OMG! To that extend???

I gave a way to other tourist to snap pictures at the window and once hubby called me from the ground, I quickly posed, and snapped back his picture from this lookout point. I also managed to capture a bird that was about to touch down. Hahaha!
Chawana’s hubby did enter the palace as well and we met him on the way down. I saw he captured few interesting scenes and I can’t wait for the outcomes. He also managed to quickly capture three to four local ladies who were sitting on the floor after finished their sweeping duty.
From above, I yelled “Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…” and waved to Chawana and Aqilah down there. Pity her, for she can’t enjoy the view from up here.

We went down and met her at the bench and saw one monkey sat next to them, eating orange that was handed to it by few tourists. With black face and penis on the go, it looked quite horny and scary. Hahaha!
About 2.50pm, we took a tuk-tuk and off back to Jaipur town.

For history element, read Travelista's version here (in English)
For trip experience, read Chawana's version here (in Bahasa)


Ely Hasrul said...

aku sukak ko gambo dgn 3 girl tu mcm.. 'ha xnk tgk sudah' hahhahaha.. aku rasa queen tu buduh sgt mcm bwk beg sekolah plak tiap2 ari hahaha

mrs gold said...

menarik gak kat india ni ye..tingin dah nak pi ni

Biqque said...

skin, sana sangat woooo...

cik gold, pegi jgn tak pegi :D

IuhniX said...

I fall in love with India.

Biqque said...

u should :)

kumfye said...

this place really nice...i like it very much...and the photo with loads of birds is the feeling ^^my spot

Biqque said...

yup, this place is quite amazing...and i didn't expect to see fort like this, with a beautiful scenic desert look...very cun!

Unknown said...

Adeh letih betul angkut stroller Aqilah tu..lain kali naik gajah la senang hahahah..

I suka gambar u ngn 3 indians tu..cun dek..!!

Biqque said...

u tau, i nampak diorang terus i cam huh! nak duk tepi diorang arh! hahaha!

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