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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jantar Mantar or Yantra Mantra

After a good lunch, I started to have a very slight diarrhea, but still manageable. We got ready and went down, and stopped a tuk-tuk, to the next monument, Jantar Mantar, a collection of architectural astronomical instruments.

We made a pact to pay Rp50=RM3.50 for this trip and in 15 minutes, we reached the compound. On the left, there was Jantar Mantar, while on the right, City Palace. Since we had no much time to walk leisurely, we straight away headed to the ticket counter, right in the middle of these two sites.
“Four please…” I handed in Rp900=RM63.00 to the officer.
Chawana’s hubby and I quickly got ourselves captured with those tickets, proved that we’ve been here. While walking towards Jantar Mantar and passing the tickets to Chawana and my hubby, we noticed another small ticket counter.

Hubby looked at the ticket,
“LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” All of us shouted with Nobita’s voice!

Ting! In a second, I had something in my virgo brain!

“Let me try to beg the officer…” I walked towards the counter.

“Err…excuse me…I want ticket for Jantar Mantar, not the City Palace…I am so sorry…I don’t know…”
I shook my Indian-wannabe-head, thousand times, with a kitty face.

The old man smiled and shook his Indian head. He took back our tickets and returned back our cash.

Tips : Please check before you buy tickets. Choose whether you want to have a combined or separate ticket. Jantar Mantar is a must visit while City Palace is optional.


We went back to the Jantar Mantar ticket counter and bought 4 tickets, Rp100=RM7.00 each. One Caucasian before me tried his luck by asking a student rate WITHOUT his student card. He failed. Hehe! It was a hot sunny day and the sky was blue. A good start to capture nice photos.We went in and the first thing that we saw from far was the largest instrument and super high observation deck called Samrat Yantra.Around this compound, there were lots of giants’ astronomical instruments that were used to calculate names, weather, time, eclipse, and what not.
Tips : There are five locations of these facilities and different locations will have different instruments. Jaipur has the biggest stone observatory in the world!

In this place, we got separated with Chawana’s team. As hubby and I are Virgorian, we looked for Virgo stone that was called Rasivalaya Yantra. Disregard what was the relation between the shape, the sign and the symbol, we still took picture with it.
There were also other things like Ram Yantra, Jai Prakash, Kapala Yantra, and Narivalaya Yantra. But what caught my eyes were the background scene, Hawa Mahal and Nahargah Fort. Can’t wait to go there!
We made one big round after played with some of the instruments. Nothing much to enjoy except for watching locals-loving-couples, dating under the hot sun. Again! Hahaha! And some funny shots.While waiting for Chawana, hubby and I stopped at one souvenir shop before the exit, to look for a fridge magnet.

“WHAT?! Rp300=RM21.00 for one?!”
I mimed to hubby.

We passed the buying and waited under a big tree…but after 20 minutes, we still didn’t see Chawana. The place wasn’t that big to overlook them but we had no idea where they were.

The place was about to close so hubby tried to look for them. Hmmm…

I noticed some action outside the exit door. Someone waving at me.
“Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…there they are!”

I called hubby and pointed to Chawana, who already at the outside.
They thought we were already at the outside while we thought they were still inside. Great! Hahaha!

They told us that they have gone for some window shopping next to the place but the price was so-so. Hubby and I had a quick window shopping but we thought that we want to spend our money at Delhi, thinking how cheap those things should be.

I’ll story later la okeh? Hahaha!

For history element, read Travelista's version here (in English)
For trip experience, read Chawana's version here (in Bahasa)


kumfye said...

nice trip to india...fridge magnet are very expensive in all those tourist spot even in europe also very expensive... support me thx

Unknown said...

Penantian satu penyiksaan..ish ish..sorang kat luar, sorang kat dalam..apa kes kan hahaha..

Suara nobita itu sungguh kelas sekali..

Dan SUNGGUH MENYESAL sebab tak shopping apa pun kat JAIPUR!!! huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ely Hasrul said...

mahalnye magnet rm21!! huishhh gambo ko try angkat tuh comel hahahhaa

Biqque said...

kumfye, yup...we end up buying fridge magnet at delhi, ALSO expensive! darn...

Biqque said...

na, kannnnnnnnnnnnnnn???!!!

skin, mmg nyampah mahal!

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