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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Outdoor Gear For New Zealand

I don't have any experience in outdoor gears (see, I don't even know what category they fall into) but I bet, IF I start to go down deeply in this field, I am 110% sure that I'll fall in love with them.

Last Saturday was the first Saturday ever that hubby and I, went out from Puncak Jalil, since we moved into the new house (yeah, we spent most of our weekends in THIS area *staring at hubby*). We went to night bazaar (a.k.a downtown/uptown/Danau Kota) located opposite The Mines and we found that this place is more organized, less people, but not having so many rare items.

Anyway, we bumped into one big tent, fully equipped with air-condition and big fan inside. It's an outdoor garage that sells outdoor gear/equipment/gadget/whateveryoucallit. Since we decided to go for "hippie" style for the next coming road trip, we plan to get for both of us, sleeping bags, or maybe a tent.
"Yes, anything?" a guy came to approach us.

"Is there any different between these sleeping bags?" we asked.
"It depends on how many degrees you want, the thickness, and the brand. We have below 20degrees, below 40degrees, Coleman, or no brand." we nodded.
"...the cheapest one?" said the cheapskate bugger.

"That would be brand..." he led us to the display rail.
"Quite ok la, not so nipis..." again said the cheapskate bugger.

"Where to? Hiking?" asked the salesperson.

" la...just want to sleep in a car..." I saw a clueless face then.

I then switched to a row of air pillows where I found it quite amazing especially when it inflates by itself.

15 minutes of browsing.

"This bag has one year warranty. Suitable for ladies." he showed me the Deuter Fox 40, WHICH I ALREADY HAVE ONE. But mine is life-time was that?

"Where you wanna go, actually?" he still tried his luck to get a clear answer from me coz I don't look like someone who know about this THING.

"...road trip..." I saw him, clueless, still...I guess he might thought that I'm in the wrong place.

We left the shop and said, "We look at Giant first, see whether cheaper than this or not..."
"...wanna get tent as well or not?" Ya, maybe we were in the right place, with the wrong price tag. Hehe!


Unknown said...

mesti brader kedai tu ingat u ilang akal nk tidur ngn sleeping bag DALAM KETA utk roadtripp plak tu hahahah..silap2 tak tidur malam dia pikir..

Yg murah skali tu yg paling menambat hati, lg pun bukan nk tidur dlm kete 365 hari pun kan..huhuhu

babyarisha said...

sleeping bag no brand dari Giant @ Tesco pun ade yg ok. kena pandai pilih n jaga.. kena bykkan survey..

Ako Retna said...

NZ trip ni u x stay hotel eh?
ni mesti plan nak gi travel cam omputih sllau buat tu ek? ala lupa lak nama nya hahhaa..

sounds interesting ;)
cant wait to read ur story..

Biqque said...

na, agak2 jugak mesti dia masih clueless sampai arini...hahaha!

lin, if tau harga bgtau aku ye :D

ako, lebih kurang la cuma nak cari campsite yg ada electricity, kang tak charge plak battery camera hahaha!

Chibi Maruko said...

kami selalu berroad trip dan tidur dalam keta, tapi tak pernah guna sleeping bag... selimut aje :)

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