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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

IBM, Happy Birthday!

IBM turns 100th on 16th July 2011 while IBM Malaysia turns 50th on 21st July 2011.

This coming July, my employment with IBM Malaysia turns 7 years. I wonder whether I can prolong this service just like others...10 years, 20 years, or 30 years...I hope so...maybe...we'll see...

From my point of view, IBM is quite a very good employer, where the salary and benefit allow you to live above the average. What we (IBMers) like the most is a system calls MyChoice, an allocation for all employees to reimburse personal things like spectacles, study fee, dental, and a lot more...BUT, there is one super irresistible claim that shackles all IBMers' feet where we can claim for our leisure! Yup! Hotel or accommodation or both (flight+hotel in a package!) How much you can claim? It's all depends on your status. Being married and have more kids would be better than being single or married with no kids. (Provided your spouse is covering your kids lah.) And the lesser coverage you choose, the more surplus you get to spend.

Ohkay! Back to IBM 100th and 50th birthdays, there were cake cutting session at HQ, but as a support team located off-site, I am chained on this chair and have to forget the yummy cake. Anyhow, we (employee) received..........................................a book.................and a badge. (Err...HR, how bout throwing a company dinner with theme?)

Ok, back to reality...hi, stress and pressure!


Ako Retna said...

hepi besday!!
hahahaa.... eh eh sama la ur benefit kat tempat kitrg.. lebih kurang la.. ;-)

just.HY said...


bestnya kalo dpt keje kat IBM!

Biqque said...

ako, bank lagi hebattttttttttt! i teringin siut keje kat bank :D

bdk2, try la mintak :D banyak nak pakai budak application...if tau, bleh je submitkan :D

Ako Retna said...


now benefit for new staff kurang sket laa banding ngan old staf..

but klu nak try keje bank, apa salah nya.. meh la hehehe :p

but i guarantee, u amek IT kan, sure tak sama ngan apa yang u buat kat IBM hehehe ;)

Biqque said...

tu la ek...sana buat IT buat apa ek?

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