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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gift For May Lucky Follower

Am so excited that this time, I able to give 4 gifts instead of 1. These will be the mystery gifts for May Lucky Follower :)

Ako and Tiefazatie, will receive a 1/2 meter HP Portable Ethernet LAN Cable (large size) while they (selected by lucky followers), Nana and Mama Zharfan, will receive a 1/2 meter HP Portable Ethernet LAN Cable (small size).
(To be posted)

So once you guys receive it, detach your current LAN cable and throw it away (ok, too cocky, hahaha...fine, roll it and keep it safely), replace it with this new cute cable, and keep blogging, alright?

This time, it's IT gadget. Credit to
Globetrotter for sponsorship.



Ako Retna said...

Ni yang tak sabar nak dapat nih.. :p

thanks again biqque !

Anonymous said...

wa..bez..bez...hehe tq!!

Biqque said...

harap2 korang suka la :D

Mama Zharfan said...

tq biqque!!! pukul 2.15 pm nanti me buat entry to say tq :)

tiefazatie said...

wah!tq sis!hihi..smart2..=)

tiefazatie said...

sis..nt ifa nye sis solatape xpun staple ek tmpt buka tue..takut nt org gtl tgn curi lg hadiah ifa..hee

Biqque said...

mama zharfan, tenkiu :)

tiefazatie, lor sian nyer...i risau gak ni kang orang rasa kembung2 tu takut diorang koyak lak...takpe, i seal sungguh2!

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