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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

"Wei? Lei pin ko? Luit ada, luit?"
- He talks Chinese when he calls me, and he talks about money.

"Abah teringinnnnn nak pi China. Ina bagitau awai, abah simpan duit." - He likes to travel, and indirectly he wants me to pay for his trip.

"Abah lupa la...duit abah dah masuk ka?" - He gets his monthly paycheck from me, and though he says he forgets, he actually never forgotten when it comes to money, really!

Pak Ein is sooooooooooooo materialistic!

But I love him so much :)
Thanks for "making" up with late mom and stop producing after you've got me.

You are all that I have now, and without any doubt,
I'll give you anything that you want, dad!
No, not that car.

Happy Father's Day, Pak Ein!
Such a "crayzeh" dad...hip hop la sangat!


Unknown said...

Hahaha kelako Pak Ein nih..bilalah kitorg nk merasa makan satay Pak Ein nih..

Cawan jom kite cuti-cuti Taiping bulan depan!! ihikss..

Biqque said...

cuti2 tepen best tuuuuuu! jom!

Ely Hasrul said...

hepi father's day Pak Ein!!!!

'skin nak mai ka? abah masak sate'

'skin kat mana? skin nk makan apa?'

nmpak sgt pak ein sayang AKU dari KO! hahahhahaha

p/s- cuti2 tepen jgn lupe ajak akuuu!!

Biqque said...

pak ein tu mmg sayang kat ko skinnnnnnn hahahaha!

Unknown said...

jom ramai2 turun tepen pekena satey pak ein!!! wuhuu..

Biqque said...

jom na, cawan mesti suka sembang ngan pak ein, jom!

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