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Monday, February 14, 2011

Preparation for India Trip

Some preparation for India Trip.

IPod Silicone Cover.
Since I didn't manage to get this thing during my visit to MTC Makassar, I need to get one at our beloved Lowyat lah. Though the box stated it comes with screen protector, I didn't get one coz it is made in Malaysia. Hahaha! Ok long as it doesn't get scratch. Thought of getting a flip cover but it was quite expensive, so a cheap silicone with separate screen protector are quite a minimal investment for me. Anyway, still having issue with iTunes, where my colleague said the OS is too old and somehow, he unable to crack it! Hmm...someone, help me?

Rechargeable AA Battery with Charger.
Currently, I have to sets of GP rechargeable batteries (2500mAh), and Energizer fast charger (4 slots). Though these brands are known with its higher mAh (up to 2700mAh) and fast charging (45minutes), they are non-lasting. With some suggestions and 6 hours window shopping (crazy!), this time, I bought Enelop. It comes in 1900mAh but the most important thing is, it is long-lasting! That's what I care most. And getting Uniross battery will cost me a bomb, I just get its battery cases. Hehe!

Compact Hair Dryer.
Hmmm. I had one before, "cap ayam". Sent for warranty at Giant, but until now, I haven't claim for it. Hahaha! I have Philips - Salon Dry Pro at home but it is not suitable for traveling (jumbo size ma!). So I get myself a new compact hair dryer with 1100watt, in the same brand. Not that India hotel don't provide this facility, but I'm just afraid that the same issue that I had with Mercure Makassar Hotel, is repeated. All blowers were out! Why can't they just be like Amiga Motel at Seoul?

Walking Shoes.
My BIG issue! I never have any shoes that fulfill my comfort-feet-zone. NEVER. UNTIL I bought my RM10 rubber-shoes that served me well for almost more than 5 trips. Envy looking at hubby getting his new cheap white walking shoes, I BOUGHT one for me. Can't tell much on her performance, need to try it first. Let's see whether she serves me well in India, ok? (Terpijak taik kat India pun tak nangis ni Chawana! Hahaha!)


Unknown said...

eh ada kasut...kat mana beli tu? i tak de idea nk cari kasut apa..huhuhuh..klau boleh nak beli kasut yang pijak tahi, dan tak kan menangis..

Biqque said...

beli kat bata je na oiiiiii buat belasahan pijak taik kat india nanti :D pegi la cari! kasi sama ngan beg kita nanti hahaha!

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