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Friday, February 11, 2011

Sup Konro Karebosi, Pantai Losari, Makassar

We walked as fast as we can and came out from the mall, there I saw one familiar face. It’s Aniz AJ! And she’s taller than me! Hahaha! She walked with us to the other corner and asked whether we had fun in Makassar and how we found Makassar so far. She then suggested to try ‘pete-pete’ since we already tried bus, cycle-rickshaw, and cab. She stopped one ‘pete-pete’ and we hopped in. She didn’t have to say anything and the driver just drove away! Hubby and I were smiling and laughing, enjoying the ride, and acted like local.

Anis then said “Kiri pak” (left please) and the driver stopped us there, right in front of the famous rib resto! We paid 3,000rupiah=RM1 each and hell yeah, it was darn CHEAP! As easy as that if you take ‘pete-pete’? We never tried it before coz we didn’t bother to know how it works and sitting with TOO many locals in one car is quite scary. Now we know how to use ‘pete-pete’, thanks to Anis. Hehe!

Tips : Get adventurous by trying different types of transportation. It is fun!

We got introduced to her friends, Radin, who her sister has two ICs due to a very long name (I just got to know that you can have two ICs) and Ana, who later cried in happiness, remembering her jokes which we never get it. Each of us ordered set of ‘sup konro’ (rib’s grill with soup) that came with rice. AND IT WAS HUGE! Enough for two to eat, but we managed to finish it all. Hehe! Sarah came along with her boyfriend and we had so much fun, chit-chatting, laughing, complaining, discussing, about the whole wide world.

I don't know what these beautiful-brilliant-kids do in Makassar!
And that's why I went there...TO SAVE them...hahaha!
Tips : 'Sup Konro'. A must dish to try!

Since it was too early and we had nothing to do, we decided to ‘lepak’ with these doctors-to-be at Pantai Losari. Just to be LOCAL on Saturday nite! Radin and Ana rode their bikes there, while Anis took us on another ‘pete-pete’ ride. We even challenged Radin and Ana, who reached there first!

We stopped one ‘pete-pete’ and the driver agreed to bring us there. While chatting with Anis, we noticed that the driver took a longer time to reach Pantai Losari. The place should be just few blocks away and Anis noticed that the driver has taken us to some sort of place named El Bay (if I was not mistaken). She quickly asked the driver to stop while argued on why the driver conned us. Well, she said that was how ‘pete-pete’ earned their income. Pffttt! AND I PAID!

Tips : Never talk big. It's karma. Haha!

I told Anis, in EVERY trip, there must be at least, one time, we got cheated. Normal. That’s what you called, experience. Something that we can tell others about.


Tips : Don't regret. Take it and go! Experience ma...

The ‘pete-pete’ left us by the road side and we stopped a cab, and finally, reached Pantai Losari, WHERE Radin and Ana started to laugh at us! Hahaha! Findddd! We lost. We snapped pictures and had fun laughing at Ana, for taking photo that she never actually did. We then sat on the bench and continued chit-chatting bout funny stories, UNTIL rain started falling.
The is the pic that Ana tried to snap. Hahaha!
WE STILL DIDN’T go back! We went into one resto and drank more ‘teh botol’ and ‘es teh manis’ while discussing about Egypt issue. Wahhhh! (Ariel Peter Pan also in topic you knowww...)
And I love them.

We called off the night around 12.00pm and went back to hotel, via feet. Planned to visit Fort Rotterdam the next day, IF and ONLY IF, it wasn’t RAINING.


Ely Hasrul said...

hahah beshnye . .. tp napa xdek gambo pete pete tuh?

Biqque said...

gelap dan malas nak kuarkan camera hahaha!

3plepl8 said...

gambar pete2? takyah, ko bygkan van vanette je tp ada pintu kt tepi.

anisizatyA.J said...

el bay hahaha. its LB for Labuang Baji. :)

Biqque said...

short form lagi! hahaha!

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