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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fort Rotterdam, Makassar

It was quite a shiny day. We packed our bags and went out for some quick shopping at Jalan Somba Opu, to get some souvenirs to bring back home. Beforehand, we stopped at one mart and bought instant noodles. We ate in front of the mart while watching locals opened their shops.

Tips : For Makassar souvenirs, go to Jalan Somba Opu.

After walked into three to four shops, which more or less selling the same thing, we finally stopped at one shop and get ourselves two t-shirts each. We also bought sarung and batik for our parents.

Tips : There are many types of sarung and batik. Pick wisely.
Rain started to drizzle once we went out from the shop but we still wanted to go to Fort Rotterdam. At least, we do one outdoor visit coz since we came here, we did none due to rain.

We asked around on the direction and lucky us, it was only 10-15 minutes walking distance. We reached the fort and saw lots of busses that full with locals. Hmm…no tourist?
We went inside and there was a desk where we should write down our name and citizenship. The officer behind the desk then said something to me which I couldn’t understand but I saw some locals contributed few Rupiah to him. Well, I didn’t contribute any. Hehe! You see, the fort isn’t really huge or unique, it is slightly the same as Fort Cornwallis at Penang, so nothing much to contribute right?

Tips : Entrance is free.

This Dutch fort was built during 1670s that originally known as Ujung Pandang, and it became a center of Dutch colonial power in Sulawesi. It’s been said that this fort was in turtle shaped that resembled the Gowa Kingdom, who live both, on land and in the sea. Almost half of the fort portions still in good shape, including the Galigo Museum that keeps the history of it.
Not for long, we walked back to the hotel and took our bags. The bell boy then called up a cab and off we went to the airport. The cab driver asked 16,000rupiah in advance, to pay the toll fee.

To cut the long story short, when we arrived at the airport, the cab driver then asked another 6,000rupiah from us, BECAUSE THE BELL BOY ASKED HIM TO DO SO! No wonder lah! Hubby told me that he saw the cab driver secretly gave few amount of money to the bell boy before we took off! Hubby insisted not to give the cab driver the extra money, as we didn’t know what the arrangement between him and the bell boy was.

Tips : Never trust anyone. Deal on your own.
The cab driver finally conceded and advised us not to trust anyone. We thanked him and I told hubby, I am going to complaint this to Mercure Hotel! Such a very good hotel with this kind of attitude? What a bad impression.

We checked in and to kill time, we ate at Toraja Food Hall. I ordered bakso mee while hubby ordered soto. Since we still have rupiah in hand, we decided to buy a bottle of markisah, to bring back home.

Tips : Markisah Juice and Coto Makassar are must try items.
But once we went into the immigration scanner, they took our markisah! We almost got into fight when they said all water bottles are not allowed. If it is not allowed, then why sell it in the departure hall?! Plus, it is categorized as Makassar-must-buy item! Crazy! It was 40,000rupiah! The officer then smiled and said, it wasn’t them who disallowed, it’s Air Asia.

She then tried to talk to the Air Asia so-called crew, but still, water bottles are not allowed on board. Dang!
We left the drink and get on board. And guess what? HOW COME MY DRINKING WATER THAT I KEPT IN MY HANDBAG, ABLE TO GO THROUGH???

Tips : Put any drinks in your handbag. Do not leave it visibly seen. If it is not allowed, drink there and then. Haha!
Bad Air Asia.

Even the hot seat got hole at the armrest! (Ya I know, that's the only for us to travel CHEAP!)

Last but not least, do you guys want to know how Makassar looks like from above? Fully covered with water!
And it has lots of islands around it.Even I was mad at Air Asia, I still buy myself a set of Air Asia fridge magnets. Haha! :)


MiqTravellers said...

How can you find so much time? Indonesia and India at the sme time. I so want to go India. Hope to see pictures from India too :)

Biqque said...

makassar is just a weekend getaway while india was a week after that :D

ya, cant wait to blog about it! but having a bad diarrhea now hahaha!

Ako Retna said...

bape hinggit FM air asia tu? how come i naik tak jumpa pun??? iskkk

Biqque said...

murah je magnet tu...rm25 kot tak silap...nanti u fly lagi, u beli :D

i pasni tak fly dah, sampai bln 9...kalo tak, bleh belikan...

Ely Hasrul said...

alamak comelnye fridge magnet tuh! bape hengget? nk kena beli nih

Ely Hasrul said...

ehem.. mana entry lagiii???

Ako Retna said...

ha ok ok nnt klu fly lagi, harus kena beli gak tuh.. ;-)

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