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Monday, October 6, 2008

Now You See, Now You Dont!

Ok, tension nih!

It’s irritating whenever I look at the “aging line” under my eyes. It’s too obvious, especially on the right side.

There! There! Right below my right eye...Now you seeeeeee!

Now you dontttttt!

Ok! Ok! One more...see the reflection on my chin? The next pic dah takde!

Cool huh?

I love GIMP! It's GNU Image Manipulation Program! I've been searching for photo editor for quite some time tapi tak penah nak belajar betul-betul. But when I play around with this app, I find it quite easy to use la...ok, nak edit lagi!


dibitz said...

i plak photoshop laaa apalagi haha.. takyah kita nak botox2 apatu sumer.. yeahahaha..

biqque said...

ha tu la...selama ke ni tak hingin pun nak cuba photoshop tu...haha!

greect inc. said...

ko nak try putihkan kulit lak?
photoshop BOLEEH...

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