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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trust Can Go To Hell Now?

Someone just got to know that someone is currently questioning someone’s trust. Someone kind off expecting this to be happened since someone recently pull the trigger, which someone think, has nothing to do with what had happened before.

Someone has never done something wrong since the day someone taken vow. Unfortunately, someone thought that someone is doing something behind someone’s back. Directly, someone makes someone feel disappointed with the stupid accusation. Someone said that someone gave lame excuse and someone still the same someone. Someone stand on someone's feet and bark to the moon. Hence, someone still said trust can go to hell which totally changed the way of someone’s thinking.

Someone started to open old book and hurt someone’s feeling. Where else, someone tried to make someone understand and accept that old book has no longer valid. Someone seriously has no heart to think that someone is bullshitting someone. And someone still thought that someone has right to do so and acted arrogant and claim someone’s right.

Someone repeatedly told someone that this is too much and overall issue is meaningless, and someone now released more beasts out of the cage. But someone doesn’t find it relevant and all these are still bullshit since someone has nothing to hide.

Someone finally dissatisfied and asked for final verdict. Someone chose to let go the trust that being built for quite sometime when someone asked someone to chew someone’s rules, where someone think someone is too emotional and still live in history. Someone asked to move on but someone now, having different point of view of living normally.

Someone felt that someone is purposely creating something that is out of control and someone now has to live and bear with it, since that is what someone's requested. Though someone didn’t expect the spark to create fire, and burn the whole village, someone still has to live with it.

Someone also has to accept that trust is no longer being the same and there is no point to make it the same, for someone doesn’t find it important anymore. Someone is sooooooo frustrated! So where does the trust go?

It went to hell, exactly like what someone has said "Trust can go to hell."


Unknown said...

Emmm..terlalu complicated utk difahami nih..emm *sambil garu2 dagu*..

Siapakan agaknye tu kan.... *ponder mode*

Cawan said...

saya tumpang lalu jek.. ketepi laaa BlueEwoke!!

3plepl8 said...

famous saying: prevention is better than cure. better now than later. resentment? the same thing. hell? hell no.

dibitz said...

2 choices:

1. someone has to confront the history to satisfy someone's trust.

2. someone has to sacrifice and forget about being open-minded and follow the burnt village rules.

no. 2 sux btw... X(

p/s: i hope datuk bandar can rebuilt the village. i'm here for you.

Biqque said...

aik! comment lain hilang???

Ely Hasrul said...

someone's partner here said 'just delete the comment' IF the comments really made someone mad BUT if the old book that made someone goes crazy someone's partner said 'pity u, u have a good wife oredi' :P

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