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Monday, May 16, 2011

Missing Comment

I don't know why, but two comments (from Dibitz and 3plepl8) in previous post have gone missing, when both of them didn't delete it, and same goes to me. Anyone knows why it happened? Any bad experience with Blogger? Is it related to that two days maintenance?


Twilight Man said...

Last week, the blogsphere had haywires where so many blogs had no comments boxes at all for a period. There were many other sensitive blogs which disappeared with apology from blog admin. By today, almost all blogs and comments boxes are back in action however few bloggers got suspended hence comments went bonkers or missing is not surprising.

famil said...

nah official announcement:

AKu punya entries pun 2 kena delete (masa kat langkawi).. panas hati nak kena recreate balik.

Anonymous said...

yes..sebab kan blog xbole buka ari jumaat tu
entry yg dah publish seme jadi draf
komen2 banyak yg hilang

Biqque said...

i seeeeeeeeeeee! tx twilight, famil and nana.


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