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Monday, May 9, 2011

From Taiping With Love

It's been almost half a year since I went back to Taiping (Fuyuh! Lucky my family always come to visit me in KL.)
But seriously, I always and will always love to go back to Taiping. The journey, the food, the weather, the people, the scenery, and what I miss most is those pretty Taiping 'bapok'...hahaha!

Trust me, I was raised with this kind of open-minded craziness. After dinner, we just need to approach and grin straight to my dad's face and say, "Abah, one round..." and he will bring us for sight-seeing around Taiping Lake Garden and spot she-males behind those beautiful big trees. Not enough with spotting those she-males in 'kebaya' every Friday, my dad will drive us to the she-males residency, directed by my brother. (Hmmm...guys...) And guess how to spot their houses? Find any red-light rooms in Jalan Liek Thamby! Hahaha!

Ok enough! This is not about 'bapok'. (Though I find it amusing to tell about them :D)

What I would like to tell you guys is, every time I went back to Taiping, we (my family) always try to do fun activities. Eat, for sure...but what else to do in Taiping if you don't sleep at 10pm? Play bowling or karaoke.

So we took that 'regular' opportunity since my niece and nephew, who are taking bowling course, asking for re-match. Well, they lost to us before they take this intensive course, so why not. Let's see how good they are now with their 'customized' balls.
And my dad didn't miss a chance to try lah kan! Hahaha! The weight was there, but the aiming, 'longkang!'Unbelievable, my niece and nephew, they ARE really good! My niece in particular, has the positioning, the aiming, and the score, it was either strike or spare! My goodness!
I didn't screen-captured her score but if you guys see mine, well she's better than me!
The other place that I always look for, is 'pasar malam' or night market. One of the best that I've known since I was kid, is at Changkat Jering. (You will see this night market every Saturday all night long to Sunday morning, right after Changkat Jering PLUS exit, to the left.)
What I like about this place? The food! Old school food! Varieties of 'kuih-muih' and 'kampung' specialties. But I can't get my eyes off this two foods, 'sotong kangkung' and 'laksa'. Yummy!!! Yeah, I is not A rated food place but I've been eating at this place since I don't know KFC, so hell yeah, I don't care of the surrounding. Hehe!
And I found this at one of Hameed Restaurant in Puncak Jalil, KL! 'Telur ikan sembilang!' OMG! Super irresistable! BUT I've excited too soon, it wasn't cooked well...yucks!
Taiping would have this food in good shape and taste!


Ako Retna said...

oo wiken di kampung ya hehe :)

Ely Hasrul said...

setuju!!! hehe aku suka singgah tepen bila pegi utara hehe

iyah :) said...


Mama Zharfan said...

me dh lama tak travel ke utara ni

JOM vote MZ kalau sudi!

Biqque said...

singgah la tepen, mesti suka :D

Unknown said...

Emm kene ajak Icam hagemaru nih!!!

ardmad said...

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The True History of From Taiping with Love

Ok. Tq.

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