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Monday, October 30, 2017

Morocco Cookbook

No trench coat, no wool jacket, just Deraa and Haik. Where we are up to, this time? Its marvelous Morocco! We gonna leave our trail in North Africa! Aha-aha! And I'm pretty sure I will not have the luxury to update my blog about this trip (knowing that I have not updated few mega trips in here), so I would urge you readers to follow my IG (@biqquebikuchan) for pictures and updates of this trip (and previous trips as well, hahaha!).

Front Cover

Back Cover


dorsett pink said...

WOW! nak ke morocco.. bestnya

dorsett pink said...

have a nice trip Biq

Ren said...

bila nak update blog?

Cawanz cawan iz said...

nk tumpang ikut!!

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