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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Brunei Babymoon : Brunei Museum, Brunei Technology Museum, Istana Nurul Iman, Taman Arca, Brunei Royal Regalia, and Brunei International Airport

It was raining heavily that morning. Hubby and I looked at each other and started to sigh. We had few other places to visit today before we flew off back to Malaysia in the evening. Without any uncertainty, we packed whatever needed and went out, though it was still heavily rain.

We asked the hotel reception on the direction to Brunei Museum. It was a big relieved to know that it is located just by the roadside. We had no issue in locating it, for we had the picture of the building in our Trip Cookbook. Hubby and I then, parked at the opposite site to take pictures of it. 

We decided not to pay a visit, for our time was quite limited. Earlier, we had discussed on both museums and we chose to visit Malay Technology Museum instead, since it is more interactive and presentable. Whilst, Brunei Museum is more on displaying MOU artifacts, journals, and history documents.

On the same bearing as this museum, we headed to Malay Technology Museum. It is located at Kampung Pelambayan, 10 minutes away from our hotel. We headed further inside the village and bumped into one signboard stated Malay Technology Museum. We stopped the car and walked under an umbrella that we borrowed from the hotel, earlier.

It was a small old green house (like klinik desa) and no one was seen on the scene. While hubby was capturing the info on the signboard, he noticed something.

“Eh ayang…this is not Malay Technology Museum la!” The info board stated Malay Technology Museum was 2km away! Hahahaha!

“Jom! Jom blah! Hahaha!”

Before someone saw us capturing photos of the old house that we had no idea what it was, we ran to the car and drove away! Rasa buduh sangat! And true enough, the Malay Technology Museum is located further inside, and the building is huge! This building was donated by Royal Dutch/Shell Group in conjuction of Sultanate’s independence back in 1984. It has 3 exhibition halls that are Water Village Traditional House Gallery, Water Village Traditional Technology Gallery, and Inland Traditional Technology Gallery.

We walked passing the entrance (oh ya, it’s free) and headed to the first hall, Water Village Traditional House Gallery. I smiled all the way looking at those replicas of Kampong Ayer houses, mainly built in the late 19th up to mid 20th century. I always love traditional kampong houses, and I do really want to own one.

Hubby and I started to imagine that all mannequins of villagers were alive and we were two of them. We acted along and played around the houses. I must say that it was quite spooky when we were the only two visitors in the hall but we had no time to over think of “that” entities.  

Credits to the curator, painter, and whoever involved in the making of the rebuilt, as everything on display are really good, presentable and well-kept. The mood was also at the right atmosphere and fell in place according to its century.
We then moved to the second hall where Water Village Traditional Technology Gallery is located. Here, they depicted various types of handicrafts and industries found in the water village. This included boat constructing, roof-making, gold and silver smiting, brass casting and cloth weaving. 
And we found more mannequins compared to the first hall! Again, it was only two of us in the hall and I must say that this hall was spookier that the first one. Why? Coz there was an old school swing with baby in it! Uiiiiii…scary, scary hahaha! 
We then went one floor up to the third hall, Inland Traditional Technology Gallery. I was amazed with myself whom carries a 5 months old of bellybean that still able to walk and climb stairs for the sake of travel :)

In this hall, they exhibited anything to do with indigenous technologies by Kedayan, Dusun and Murut people, for instances the production of Sago, brown sugar, and other handicrafts, including their houses. By this time, I told hubby that I need to do some acting with the ladies. So I quickly bended on my knee and adjusted the donning on one of them. Hahaha! Kak Ton sangat!

“Ayang, look…terselak sluar pakcik ni…” Hubby pointed to one “uncle” in kopiah, where his short was almost unlatched…up to his thigh. Hahaha! Seksi tau! Ish!
After had so much fun with this museum, we went out and headed to Istana Nurul Iman. Ok guys, stay put! This is where the real drama mama started!

Earlier, we had a good advice from the hotel reception to stop at one park, where we can clearly see the palace from there. So I told hubby to look for the park lah. It was still drizzling while we were driving towards the palace. I reminded hubby to drive super slow along the road, for the limit stated was 50kmph, and there were cameras being planted on most of the poles. But hell no, the locals drove like speedy Gonzales that indirectly turned hubby’s nerve to Michael Schumacher.

“Ayang, you have to practice now…just take photo while I’m driving.” Hubby instructed me.

“I can’t! Photos will be shaky! Why can’t we stop in front of the gate?” I declined!

“Just take lah…we cannot stop…” Hubby insisted.

“If visitors cannot stop, how come Supermeng can get the gate pictures?!” Begitu aku kata menggunakan nama Meng.

And we were right in front of Istana Nurul Imam! I quickly wind down the window and pointed the camera out from the car. The guard was looking at us! I was super scared that we would get caught! The car was moving slowly as I snapped the picture, EXACTLY like what paparazzi normally did.

We passed the palace! With shaky pictures!

“Make a u-turn! I didn’t get a good picture of it!” I shouted to hubby. “I am 110% sure that we can stop and ask for permission!”

Hubby then started complaining and I tell you…we argued like cat and dog! Hubby however, made a turn and this time, he parked right next to the guard house. IN THE RAIN, I walked to the guard and said “Sorry, we can take a picture of this palace?” and the guard replied “Sure…”

PANG!!! I slapped hubby in my dream. I TOLD CHA!

“Come out la, take picture…” I forced hubby.

“Nevermind, you take…” I think, dia malu kat guard.

I swear, I felt like screaming my lung out! How could a husband let his pregnant wife take photo of a GATE under a drizzling rain without an umbrella??? Kejam kan??? Nak sangat gambar pagar istana kan, amik! Amik!

This palace is the official residence of Sultan Brunie and there is NO WAY for outsiders to view the palace from outside, though it is the LARGEST residential palace in the world! Not even its wall! Only the gate and dome, I repeat, THE GATE AND THE GOLDEN DOME! And I was wondered who is staying with him when I got to know it contains 1788 rooms, 25 bathrooms, a mosque that can fit 1500 people, 110 car garage, an A/C stable with 200 polo ponies, 5 swimming pools, 564 chandeliers, 51000 bulbs, 44 stairs, and 18 elevators! Who??? WHOOO???

*pandang camera…basah kena hujan*

I thanked the guard and got into the car. I didn’t look at hubby’s face at all! I remained silent all the way and didn’t reply to any of his questions. THEN I CRIED! And being hubby, he ignored me! If Kiki (my cat) was there, Kiki will definitely console me! Pfft!

Hubby then stopped at the said park (right after the palace) called Persiaran Damuan, where Taman Arca is located. From the riverside, we can clearly see the golden dome and part of the rooftop. And that’s it! 

Next place of interest was Royal Regalia, where all presents and gifts to the Sultan are exhibited. It is said that, what do you give a man who has everything? Well, definitely something that worth not less than gold. Hahaha! True enough, we’ve seen soooooooo many gold and jewels in there. 
We parked the car opposite the building where the rate was a joke! 40 cents per hour weh! Hahaha! We went into the building where we were instructed to take off our shoes. We registered our names and were advised not to take any pictures in the exhibition hall. From right to left, we screened all gifts including the mother of all beer mugs, given by Queen Elizabeth II.

We ended the tour at the souvenir shop downstairs, where we bought fridge magnets, caps, and others, for friends and family back home. They had varieties of souvenirs to choose and the prices were quite reasonable. Plus, some of them were discounted.

Once we’ve completed the visit and souvenir buying, then only we were allowed to take pictures at the lobby. Nampak? Nampak tak permainannya disitu? Hahaha! 

We drove back to the Jubilee Hotel and waited for our free ride to the airport. Beforehand, we returned back the car to the owner and went up for final packing. Hubby started to talk nicely to me and I tend to talk to him back. That’s the beautiful of marriage life and travel husband and wife. You have no reason to prolong the argument! Hahaha!

The van came and sent us to Brunei International Airport. On the way, we saw the Prime Minister’s Office who happened to be led by the Sultan himself. 

At the departure hall, we saw new counters being setup. So whoever comes to Brunei in 2014 will enjoy this facility. In the waiting hall, we went into few souvenir shops and found that the price for fridge magnet was the same as Royal Regalia’s. So, you still can buy them if you miss it outside. 
“I’m sitting next to the window…I want to see Istana Nurul Iman from aerial view.” I told hubby.

I sat on the right side of the flight and I SAW NO PALACE, NEITHER THE GOLDEN DOME NOR THE ROOF!

I love Brunei :) The end.


Supermeng Malaya said...

hahahah cemana leh salah muzium yang spookey tu?? time aku pegi pun ujan...

kira ok la weh korang buleh park depan istana hari tu. drebar van hari tu dropped je kita org then dia blah.. u turn and picked up us back..

gaduh gaduh manja tu biasa la... haha..

memang real amazing race korang ni..

btw.. lama tak nampak. coti aaa???

f i d a j a c o b said...

Akak biqque... Canteq sgt baju and tudung so nice! I loikeee!! Hehe...

Congratzz tau tak sempat nak ckp haritu.. :)

Muhammad Khairuddin Lim said...

gambar-gambar aWESOME...

~Beb~ said...

Babymoon? Babybump? MasyaALLAH. *nanes*

Congratulations sis! Alhamdulillah. Tompang gembira.

Hulubalang said...

tu la..kalau jalan ngan OR aku ponn camtu...degil, kalau dia kata A, A la jawabnya hahahaha...

John | Kaki Berangan said...

aku pelik nape ko nak nanges dlm kete lepas tu? kan dh dpt amek gmbr pagar istana? adoyaiii drama ko kak oii. hahaha.

teringin nk jadik menantu sedara SB.huk huk

yg penting gmbr pagar istana tetap collage tau! ^_^

Chawanna Na said...

Tertekan sgt ke amik gambar pagar istana bebanyak tu? muahahahahah...penangan ibu mengandung kekekek

Anash said...

dah abis ek entry brunai?
mana lagi nak pi pas nih?

*soklan berbaur ibarat peminat*

Khai said...


Drama sangat depan istana tu. Hehe.

So, bangunan hijau tu bangunan apa?

Misteri giler istana nurul iman ni sebab tak nampak dari luar. tapi dengar kata time raya baginda buat open house kan?

pergi lah lagi time baginda buat open house! haha

Biqque said...

meng, ooo ye ke? kira aku main petik je la mintak permission parking dpn guard tu eh hahaha! aku pun tatau la camne leh salah, confident je park siap amik signboard bagai hahaha! tu la gaduh2 tu dlm setiap trip kompem ada lah! drama sgt. dah la sume trip pack dgn aktiviti sana sini...haih! ha aku dok cuti sakan ujung tahun tapi tak ke mana punnn...project baek punyaaaa nanti aku blog :)

fida, hamboi ko baju ko lagi cantik nokkkk! nanti selfie byk2 kat obersi ok! tx :D

khairuddin, ala biasa2 je...gambar yg ditempek sume sbb nak cite kejadian yg berlaku :)

beb, alhamdulillah :D

HB, mesti rumah ni lagi pandai bab2 ni hahaha...

john, aku nangis la sbb dia tanak dgr ckp aku, patu aku turun dlm kebasahan hujan amik gak gambar pagar tu huhuhu! ye, kolaj tetap kolaj nk tunjuk betapa gegarnya gambar tu...

na, tertekan dgn perasaan ngada2 sgt kot hahaha!

kak anash, pasni? duk umah diam2! pfft!

khai, drama minggu ini hahaha! bangunan ijau tu samada klinik desa atau umah org hahaha! tatau! ha misteri sgt tak nampak apa kan? terpaksa la pegi waktu raya bak kata ko...

Ren said...

OMG cemana ambik gambo pagar istana macam ada efek motion tu? Nak blajar!

Biqque said...

ren, kuang ajar sgtttttttttttt HAHAHAHAHAHA! nanti ko naik lori aku, ko duk blkg and ko test okey?

Orga said...

wah...makin membesar sekarang biqque, larat jugak ko berjalan yer, hehe...guard tu kasi chance ambik gambar sebab nampak ko preggy kot, dengan hujan bagai, sanggup turun tanya...

Biqque said...

orga, membesar bagai johannnnnn hahahaha! masa ni aku 5 bulan, so ok lagi nak berjalan. lgpun kat sana drive kan, so alhamdulillah la :) tu la, gamaknya dia nampak perut aku...mmg bagus tau alasan pregnant ni hehehe!

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