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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hair Care : Shampoo and Conditioner

I’m very particular when it comes to hair care. I used to be freaking loyal to Vidal Sassoon for 5 years during my college time. The reason why I chose it, coz I always had my hair colored.
Then I cheated on it. I fall in love with Pantene and since then, for freaking 8 years, I never look back. The reason why I chose it, was to eliminate the dandruff and control the hair fall.
Only God knows why I cheated for the second time. Sunsilk came into my hair-life. The conditioner was truly an addiction and it’s already been 3 years since I was under its possession. The reason why I chose it, coz I want a silky, smooth and manageable hair.
Until yesterday! And I didn’t expect to cheat again, for the third time! *slapped forehead* How did I let myself betray the current product? I proudly put the blame on RedMummy, Proudduck, and Hanis Zalikha for “the influence”. *cried*

Few days back, during lunch time, I saw a trial set for intensive repair by Dove at Watson and minutes later, I found myself at the counter, paying for it! *jaw dropped*
Squeezing the bottle and looking it drops onto my palm, gave me the new sensation. Hundreds of tiny sparkling crystals that form whitey foam, felt super silky and smelt so good. Adding to the excitement was the conditioner that led to the smoothness. Aha! Aha! *nodded*

I chose to wind-dry my hair (those who don't know me, my middle name is blow-dry). The flowery scent, the way my hair flow, I mean, the softness, sustain longer than I expected. And it didn’t frizz! Great! *exaggerated*

Let’s hope for the extensive devotion towards Dove…as long as it serves me well, I promise not to cheat…again…maybe…we’ll see :D


Ako Retna said...

Dove baru?

i tak leh pakai pantene, abesh gugur segala rambut..sensitif or pantene punya chemical terlalu kuat?

i like sunsilk,
lembut & shining ehehe
sesuai untuk yang bertudung like me..

Ermm rasa cam nak try juga new dove ni... Dulu2 pernah try tapi ntah nape ek i tukar?? Oo sebab harga dia mahal sangat hehee

Unknown said...

Hahaha..i tak penah try dove lagi. Boleh la mencube..

U tu memang, blow dry je keje nye..p NZ nanti dah pikir ke nk blow dry kat mana? ha? ha? ha?

Ely Hasrul said...

aku guna shampoo bawang tau!! now nk cobak the fames himalaya plak.. hehe

kemang~ said...

pakai minyak masak je, hihihi :D

just kidding :)

♥nyeto89♥ said...

loreal elseve is my choice! :)

Biqque said...

ako, pantene pun buatkan rambut i gugur kowt...

na, i rasa macammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nak beli rambut pelesu!

skin, shampoo bawang tu ape?

kemang, ko memang!

yaya, loreal i penah try skali, tapi utk kaler je masa tu :D

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