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Friday, March 25, 2011

Taj Mahal

“Must be Aqilah…hahaha!”
We heard Aqilah shouted in her cute little voice from the other side of the room. What a morning person she is. She must have been overexcited to visit the great Taj Mahal today.

All of us didn’t take any breakfast at the hotel. We need to chase time since we haven’t bought any ticket to get into Taj Mahal and we have no idea where the counter was. The earlier the better coz morning is the best time to visit this monument, skip from the hectic.

We stopped one tuk-tuk and negotiated with the driver. After few minutes of discussion, we agreed for Rp60=RM4.20 coz the distance was too near.

Hubby instructed the driver to bring us to the East Gate since all transport must stop here, before the entrance hurdles. From here, we had to walk 50 meters before we saw visitors started to queue in front of the gate. While queuing,
“Eh…why everyone has paper bag with drinking water and…ticket?” We wondered.

Two, three kids who earlier approached us to buy souvenirs from their shop told us that we have to purchase the ticket at the information center, a kilometer away from here.

“HUH? 1KM? Why they have a separate counter far away from the entrance? ARGH!” We complained to each other.

Before we finished complaining, they also told that Aqilah’s giraffe (soft toy that dangling on Chawana’s camera bag) was not allowed in Taj Mahal.

“GREAT! Then where should we put this poor Mr. Giraffe?” I questioned Chawana. But looking at those kids who willing to help to keep Mr. Giraffe in one of the shops, Chawana had no choice, which indirectly ‘forcing’ Chawana to get something from them. Why not huh?

Hubby and I later decided to purchase the tickets without having Chawana with us. At first, we walked…coz the charge for rickshaw WAS TOO HIGH! After walking few meters away, the rickshaw finally reduced the fee to Rp40=RM2.80.
We hopped on the rickshaw and trust me, the information center WAS DARN FAR! It was a good decision to take rickshaw instead of walking back and forth.

Once we reached the information center, there was one big buggy with 6 rows of seating, waited in front of the building.

“AHAH! There’s a free transport here!”

We ran into the building and looked for the counter. There were two separate counters for ladies and gents, but we saw no difference. Hahaha! Hubby purchased two tickets while I did the same. Each of us had to pay Rp750=RM50, THE MOST EXPENSIVE entrance fee so far.

Tips : Remember, make sure you purchase the tickets BEFORE you head straight to the East Gate.

Once we walked out from the ticket counter, one local guy started to follow us, show us his legitimate guide ID, and tell us that he can guide us throughout the visit to Taj Mahal. We had to skip him, as well as the free buggy, coz we would like to have our own sweet time, and the buggy will only send visitors when the car is full. Plus, we had an agreement with the rickshaw, earlier.

Tips : See, if you find the information center BEFORE the East Gate, you will not do useless/unnecessary thing. Save rickshaw fee, save time.

We quickly jumped onto the seat and head back to the East Gate.

“Eh, where’s Chawana?” We saw no one at the entrance. The long queue was gone!

“Halo! Halo! Your friends, here! Here!” A boy came to us and pointed to his shop. With a little bit of doubt, we followed him. And there Chawana, looking for magnets and postcards. Haha!

We had to undergo a security screening, separately. We hid few things like cigarette and lighter. Anyhow, Chawana and I, passed with flying colors. Thanks to Cik Aqilah for her cute face. Meanwhile, Chawana’s hubby had to throw away Mr. Giraffe and take out ALL baby’s food from the bag, and had to painfully watch the security guy ripped off those biscuits!
“What’s a soft toy can do to Taj Mahal???”

Chawana’s hubby finally had to turn back and asked the shop boy to keep it. And the opened biscuits? We ended up eating the chipsmore! Hahaha!

Tips : Think smart to hide things that aren’t allowed. Or else, you’ll have to see that things being taken away from you.

It was still early and the weather was quite foggy and gloomy. The first thing that we saw was Darwaza-i-rauza. The gateway was really HUGE and MASSIVE, till we can’t see what’s behind it…which everyone knows that, it should be the great Taj Mahal lah.
From this gate, it was the best spot to capture Taj Mahal’s dome beneath the silhouette archway. At this point, I can’t believe that Taj Mahal, the sign of true love, was there, right in front of my eyes.
We started to take pictures, one after another, like what other visitors did. ONLY CRAZY TOURIST won’t spend his/her memory card on this beautiful monument! Hahaha!

We had to intellectually look for sunlight while posing, just to avoid underexposure. By this time, I didn’t waste any time, to pose stunningly in my newly bought green skirt. I started to strike Indian dance pose, showing the eyes make-up, dangling earrings, silvery anklets, and blooming skirt…AND I HAVE THIS THICK *showing the great wall of China* FACE! Everyone was looking at me and at that point, I DIDN’T CARE at all! Hahaha! Hey, I don’t visit the same place, twice maaa.
The closer we approached the stunning white marbles, the more we felt how great the Shah Jahan was. His enthusiasm, his passion, his obsession, his craziness, has led him to build the one and only, Taj Mahal, one of the wonders of the world. The marbles were really white and the blocks were enormous. The Islamic calligraphy, flowery ornamentals, symmetrical pillars, AWESOME!
There were famous benches right before the Taj Mahal but too many visitors queuing, just to have a memorable photo of sitting on it. Hubby tried to imitate one. Haha!
“So, are we going in?”


There was a place for you to put your shoes.

Tips : You are not allowed to walk in your shoes around Taj Mahal compound. Either you take off your shoes and hold it while walking, or keep it at the shoe shelves which later you have to chip in some tips, or use the free red shoe covers that you get when you purchase the ticket earlier. Remember, the paper bag?
Chawana had to leave the stroller at the shoe shelves, while all of us had to wear that funny red shoe covers. Right after I stepped on the compound, I saw three Chinese teenagers in ‘sarees’. Cute!

I approached them and said “Can I take photo with you guys?”

“Can.” They smiled.
I had a quick conversation with them and my guess was right, they were from China. The conversation became more interesting when I told them that I’ve been to Beijing. Well, everyone likes to talk the same channel huh?

We walked towards the mosque, located on the left side of Taj Mahal. Here, we started to play around with picture posing, and jumping. Hahaha! I was really surprised and come to think of it, how did Chawana jump so high while carrying Aqilah??? That's what I call, WONDERMOM!
We continued walking behind Taj Mahal and we saw the same Yamuna River, filthy and stagnant. We stopped at one bench and ate chipsmore, again. Hahaha!
Tips : Eating is not allowed in Taj Mahal compound. If you really hungry, hide as smart as you can and avoid Taj army from catching you (yes, they put soldiers as guard). Be alert, they are located at each side of Taj Mahal towers.

On the right side of Taj Mahal, I set the camera on the ground, testing the jumping pose. We tried to strike 3-4 jumps and results were satisfied. Once in a while, locals passed us by and laughed at us for acted silly and funny. Hahaha!
After made a one big round of Taj Mahal, we climbed up the stairs to the upper level. It’s time to pay a visit to the great couple, Shah Jahan and Mumtaz.
Tips : There is only one way in and one way out. No picture taking is allowed in this area.

Anywayyyyyyyyy, there were visitors who still overwrite the rule and took pictures of the two tombs…including me. Peace! (Why should I miss this chance right?) I can see clearly that Shah Jahan didn’t plan to get himself buried in Taj Mahal, as Mumtaz’s replica’s tomb was right in the center. That was the only un-symmetrical thing that was found here.
I squeezed myself in between of visitors who were listening to their tour guide, tried to pinch few historical info from them. Hehe! All wall decorations in this area were actually hand carved and the color of the marbles reflected differently when it is torched by light. Superb huh?

Hubby and I walked out from the tomb area and met Chawana. We joined others by sat on the floor for a while and guess what, the floor was actually cold, even it was in the afternoon. Chawana's hubby then told us of what he had overheard from the tour guide regarding the optical illusion of the design on pillars. Interesting!
After a long ‘lepak’ session, we finally made a move and walked down the upper compound, and went to pick up Aqilah stroller.

As expected, the shoe keeper asked for some amount of money, which we strongly disagree and paid none. When you say donation, it should comes from the heart…so, there was nothing came from our heart at that point of situation. Hahaha! Bad, bad sense of humanity.

And so we left the compound, waving to the great Taj Mahal, which I don't think of revisiting it.
Owh, remember Mr. Giraffe that we left at the shop boy? He is safe and sound…less. Hahaha! In return, we bought two magnets from the shop, and this time, it came from the heart.

For history element, read Travelista's version here (in English)
For trip experience, read Chawana's version here (in Bahasa)


juelee said...

bestnye dah sampai taj mahal.. wonder when will my turn?

Biqque said...

bleh juelee...grab je if ada tiket murah :D

Unknown said...

Sedapnya chipsmore!!! Hahahaha...

Best pulak teringat time amik gambo lompat2 tu..Aqilah pun suka je kene lambung2. Boleh tahan tinggi jugak aku lompat kah kah kah.. ish kat NZ nanti belum tentu leh lompat nih, dia dh makin berat, mcam raksasa dah..huhuhuhu

Dan kesian Mr Giraffe tak dpt tgk Taj Mahal..huwaaaa

Ely Hasrul said...

patut lambung aqilah sekalik.. tapi makesure catch dia balik hahahha

Anonymous said...

Apa khabar Cik Biqque? I am just one of your blog visitor,jumpa your blog when browsing for info before my Vietnam trip.
Taj Mahal trip worth it ke?? Teringin jugak nak pi sana but bila tgk karenah org sana, mcm tak motivated pulak nak ke sana..I live in Dubai so kalau nak pi India tu dekat sgt laaa..

Lily Riani said...

camna rupa mr. giraffe? curious case of lily ler pulak

Biqque said...

na, seb beik jugak u ada biskut tu, leh la lapik2 perut...nanti kat nz, u suh Aqilah lompat sendri laaaaaaaaa hahaha!

lily, mr.giraffe tu tak sure ada gambar ke tak, if ada tersnap gambar beg camera cawan, ha ada la dia tersangkut kat situ :D

anonymous, thanks for referring to my blog...harap2 banyak yg dpt membantu :D india trip sangat worth it, tapi pada orang yg tahan perut and habuk and mental je la sbb sana makan tak tentu, habuk merata2, kotor jangan ckp la, mental nak kuat, TAPIIIII segala historical places dia SANGAT BEST dan BERBALOI! if u travel ngan member, bleh...if ngan family, kena tgk la family u camne :D

Twilight Man said...

Your photos are the best of Taj Mahal that I ever seen. The way you guys posed made it look so warm and fun.

Biqque said...

awwww tx twilight :) we do like to pose :D esp me hahaha! no matter how boring or simple that place, i will make it fun and interesting :D

Anonymous said...

Habuk & kotor??? I have sinus, mampus mak camni nyahhhhh. Bila tengok gambar korang, mmg mcm happening jerr Taj Mahal tu. I always referred to travel blog before travelling. So, I’m using yours for trip in Asia. I left Malaysia since 1998, bila balik KL, poning kepalo den tak tahu nak pi mana.
I love historical places, esok sepatut nye nak pergi Petra in Jordan, tapi di sebabkan political unrest, tak berani laa nak travel.
Do you have any plan to visit Mount Bromo in Surabaya? Any of you friends had been there before? Tak jumpa pulak blog org yg dah ke sana.
Anyway, kalau korang ada plan nak buat Europe tour. Pls refer to this blog,
Sorry yerrr, panjang pulak aku membebel. Ok my last membebel, you should go to Pamukkale in Turkey.

Biqque said...

wah petra! best tuh...mount bromo tak sampai lagi, but i ada kawan yg dah gi, dia ni mmg merata dah pegi, her name is lily :

nama u apa? ada blog kah?

ala nyah, ko cover la muka ngan shawl ke spek ke, habuk tu masa naik tuk2 jer, kat historical places sume bersih...bersih dari kat china. tak kuasa mak nak makan habuk hahaha!

europe tu tah bila la, masalah duit tu bleh lagi, masalah cuti lama tu tak tau la boleh ke tak...jenuh gak tu nak AL lama2.

Unknown said...

pegi la TAJ MAHAL tu..bestttttttttt... Saya pun ada sinus gak, tapi ok je..janji pakai nasal spray siap2..huhuhuh..

Biqque said...

ha si blueEwoke ni mmg super sinus gegila...ok jer :D

Kelly said...

Taj Mahal is so pretty! I love the picture where you flip your hair and your skirt is dancing in the air :)

Anonymous said...

Kelakar laaa kau ni Biqque, hamba tak de batang hidung, my eyelashes macam windshield wipers bila pakai sunglasses.
Blog tak de, Faceblog ada laaa. Nama saya Tembam, kwn panggil saya Bum. First time commented on a blog, nasib baik keluar. Sorry babe, hamba ni buta IT.
I just started travelling, lepas jugak pergi to a few countries. Europe hang pi 3-4 countries pun dah cukup, semua mcm sama jerrr, all about castles. Best jadi Lily, byk jugak tempat dia dah pi.
BlueEwoke - bukan sinus jerr saya ada, kulit saya ni senang kena heatrash. 8 hari kat Vietnam tak buat apa pun. After first 2 days sightseeing in the city, tangan gatal yaaa amat. So, lepak kat swimming pool jerrr .
Ok laaa, saya nak pi Burj Khalifa jap lagi, the tallest building in the world. First time nak naik atas, mesti gayat gila pig punye..
You guys have a great trip ok..

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