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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Itmad-ud-Daulah or Baby Taj

There were many tuk-tuk available outside the Red Fort. We tried to negotiate with them of the fare to Itmad-ud-Daulah, a Mughal Tomb, also know as Baby Taj.

After few negotiations with different tuk-tuk, we ended up hiring one singh guy with Rp60=RM4.20 for a few minutes ride. BUTTTTTT…that few minutes ride was an ecstasy! The traffic was really bad and hectic, and the driver, had to make a u-turn and drove us in a wrong way! OMG! We were jeopardizing our life!
Tips : You can shout, you can cry, but still, your life is in the driver’s hand. Pray for your life.

That route was actually the fastest way to go to the Baby Taj, by crossing the bridge on Yamuna River. We finally reached the entrance which we had to pay Rp110=RM7.70 and again, as expected, they charge local as cheap as Rp10=RM0.70!!! Pfft!
The main thing that awesomely stood before us was the main gate. Huge and stunning.
Chawana setup Aqilah’s stroller and we slowly walked through the main gate and there we saw, symmetrical white marble with dome, a replica of Taj Mahal, that they called, Baby Taj!
We stopped for a while at a bench under one big tree, to ‘refuel’ our stomach. What else, ‘serunding’ lah! Hahaha! As usual, those small squirrels were everywhere, and we fed them with ‘serunding’! One of them even bit my finger. So I guess, our Malaysian ‘serunding’ must taste sooooo gooood and it wanted it more! Hahaha!

The sky was blue that day, with white clouds and birds flying around the dome. There weren’t many visitors here, maybe not one of the listed ‘tombs’ in tour agent’s itinerary. Too bad, coz this place is a must visit POI.

Tips : Do check your itinerary with your tour agent. Make sure Itmad-ud-Daulah a.k.a Baby Taj is included. Or else, steal some time to go there on your own.

We took photos of the complex, starting from the front. On the right, I saw few local couples sat on the bench and grass, creating their own love nest. Dating lah tu! (Under the hot sun?)
Ignoring them, I started to jump around when hubby looked enthusiastically snapping me. While posing, I saw Chawana were dating too! Mmmmmm! (Lucky they chose the right spot. Hahaha!)
While we were walking on the right side of Baby Taj, we saw one Caucasian lady jumping off from the corridor, hoping that her two friends can capture her in action. She was jumping hardly more than 3 times, but her guy friends still didn’t manage to capture it nicely. Hubby and I laughed looking at them and while the lady tried to jump again for the 4th time, hubby and I quickly snapped her picture!

We then showed to her and her face glowed!
“WOW! These are nice! See! *Calling her guy friends.* I’ll give you my facebook, ok?”

We laughed. She introduced herself as a Slovakian and her guy friends as Czech. I believed they met at backpacker’s hostel coz that’s where they always meet and travel around together.

Suddenly she said, “Do you want to jump with me?”

Without any hesitation, as a JUMPER, I said “WHY NOT!”

We jumped on the corridor and “Wait, let’s hold hand!” she said.

“Err…okay…” I swear I never jump like that coz…
“OOOUUUUCCCCHHHH!” We landed and BOTH OF US MOANING! Both of us pat our waist and back!

Tips : Don’t try this at home. It was one and half meter high! You definitely need to land perfectly. When you hold hands, you might land before or after the other jumper. So you don’t have a good balance of your body.

Served us right!

Anyhow, I blamed the silhouette. *Ignoring the fact that I am darker than her.*

The Czech didn’t want to lose! Both of them jumped off the corridors and all of us laughed like hell. Hahaha! What a nice people we met!
They thanked us and we continued walking towards the river bank. *Forgot the facebook thingy.*
There were long balustrades with pavilions on both sides. From here, we saw Yamuna River…nottttttttt really nice to see lah. The water was filthy and polluted. Yet, locals and cows ENJOYING it for living.
We continued snapping photos and then walked to the left side of Baby Taj. We noticed that Baby Taj has two ornamental gates on both of its side, facing the north and the south. We didn’t inspect them closely, since they are just ‘a gate’.
Same goes to the inside area of Baby Taj. I waited outside while hubby went inside to take pictures. Well, it’s just another ‘tomb’. Hahaha!
“I’m hungry…”

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3plepl8 said...

hahaha...unmarried couples always like hot sun, married couples with a baby sure like shades better. why? i don't know. ask chawanna.

Anonymous said...

asai gambar yona langitnye biru jee, gamba kat sini putih jee...

Biqque said...

sbb aku nyer camera bukan dslr, tapi guna manual, so terover expose skit...tapi ko pasan dak ada gambar yg langitnyer biru gak, tapi tu hasil dari camera sharul (dslr) :D

3plepl8, hahaha true! peluh2 best kot hahaha!

Ako Retna said...

hahahhaa i suka amek gambar lompat-lompat...

lagi ramai lagi meriah :p

Biqque said...

tu la ako, plg ramai kitorang penah lompat masa kat gold coast :D best gile!

i suka lompat, but not my hubby...kadang2 tak sporting jek aku sorang2 lompat mcm kera hahaha!

Unknown said...

Heheheh married couples nak duk bawah shades sebab dah puas duk bawah matahari time bercinta dulu kah kah kah kah...

3plepl8 said...

totty...langit tak selalu cerah, kekadang nk hujan, kekadang ada mambang kuning, mambang hijau pun ada hahaha...

Cawan said...

langit biru kamera yg mane? jap nk perati.. Oooo, baru perasan..

lompat lompat lompat biq!

Ely Hasrul said...

gile ah lompat pegang tangan .. hahaha.. aku suka gambo korg bedua kt dpn tuh.. sweet

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