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Friday, October 18, 2013

Palmiera Cacatoos Home Makeover : Curtain

Curtain was the biggest decision that we made in this home makeover, for it took the biggest amount out from our pocket! Initially, we thought of get it tailored somewhere around our house area but the shop was closed. So the second thought that we had in mind was, none other than Nilai 3.

On the same day we purchased the carpet, we went for curtain hunting as well. We didn't spend much time at other shops, since we already had a quick discussion with good quot at MK Curtain Group. We finally decided to seal the deal with this company, since they have free installation service, even though our house is located in KL.

Choosing the material was the most tense job that we had to go through, for it MUST fall within our budget. Again, the design was chosen by none other than Mr. Hubby, while I acted as the financial approver. Hubby just being his mama, chose a good quality and exclusive look, but I, however, HAVE to slash most of his choices down. Pfft! He wanted a "bird-nest" sheer material that cost about RM79 per meter! And we needed like, what, hundred of meters? Gila la kan!

He had no choice but to choose another fabric with RM40 per meter for the living hall, and RM27 + RM12 per meter for day and night curtain for all rooms and common area. Ha rasain lorh! Hahaha! 

I negotiated the total price and requested for free curtain retainers with extra 4" plain fabric for curtain headers. The main hall and dining hall will be using the old Ikea railings, since we are using the same eyelet design for the new curtains. We chose a lighter color this time, a combination of white background with blue foreground, sprinkle with lil tiny grey and blue leaf patterns.

Meanwhile, we chose a sheer day and night curtain for rooms and common area, a combination of light and dark grey (for rooms), light and dark clementine (for common area), with an imitation of "bird-nest" design that hubby desired for. Hehe. Jadila.

Final "inspector" then came out (who else, Kiki), and thank god, up to today, he didn't have any intention to scratch the curtain. Fiuh!

So what's next? More makeover coming. Stay tune!

Note : All pics are taken using Lenovo Ideaphone S890.  

10 holler:

MasZuber said...


exclusive beb!

bila open house?

Supermeng Malaya said...

fuh ..

kaw kaw nya mak esah make over istana kacha

Diana Diane Teo said...

Perfectly match your house. Macam nak buat tour to your house. Hahaha..

Emy Tak Kecik said...

cun nye langsir....berkenan plak dgn lantai kayu tu... :)

Henry Fox said...

mahalnyaaaa rm79/meter! pitam mcm mana la gamaknya jenis kain tuh!

Janggel / Rain said...

Eh curtain warna pepel yang aku nampak dalam entry sebelum ni tu yang belah mana? tak de pon dalam gambo di atas?

Aku suka cookbook yang Sydney tu. hehe (tetibe)


Kiki memang suka tunjuk kuasa authority di saat akhir. Dia xsampai hati nak scratch, dahlah imitation je kan.

Biqque said...

maszuber, biasa jerrrrr...nanti dtg tau!

meng, ni je yg blh buat skang, mak esah redho lalalala...

diana, come to kl first laaaaa u havent meet us!

emy, lantai kayu best sbb tak sejuk :D

jon, ha kan mahai kan? tapi sumpah cun la cuma aku rasa betul2 mcm sarang burung sampai tatau nk basuh camne kain tu hahaha...

janggel, manade kaler pepel? ko tgk tirai ni masa tak ikat kot...

aritu abbaz kata sofa aku pepel! dah kenapa sume pepel ni? hahaha...

buku sydney? aku suka buku NZ dgn Japan! :)

bibie, ha biasa la dia ada kuasa veto nk check sume benda baru...tau plak tu apa yg baru!

Twilight Man said...

Geeee! Your curtain fabrics are modern and latest nie! I love them so tall like a President's house. You have good taste!

Biqque said...

twilight, not as tall as I want...still didnt cover the whole height coz the length of the fabric cannot go anymore hahaha...if not, need to add more kain. ok la...5 years once ma :)

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