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Monday, July 19, 2010

Blogging, EVERYDAY?

Here is my article that was published in RedMummy :)

I don't know why and how people blog, EVERYDAY.

I believe, everyone knows and everyone aware that everyone has something to tell, EVERYDAY, regardless how unchanged yesterday to today to tomorrow is.

But blogging even the simplest and straightforward matter, EVERYDAY? Wow! For me, that is awesome!

I ask myself whether I have the courage and time to do that, for that’s the way how popular bloggers did and still doing it. Besides, it doesn’t fail them anyways. To the hell with disfigured and annoyed readers, by doing that, they don’t suffer any losses, furthermore, hit high traffic on their website, and get paid by NuffNang and other advertisers. Not bad at all!

For this reason, I think I have to start to make friend with Auto-Publish. I need to trigger the nerve, to be daring and blog about anything that I have in my mind, anything that happen to me, anything that I know and want people to know, regardless what subject it will be label to, set it to auto-publish, and voila, it delivers to people’s screen the next minute, the next hour, the next day.

Nonetheless, hmm...I do contemplate on the quality of the content itself. Is it better to have quality content with infrequent post, compares to common/normal/usual/day to day content with frequent post?

I’ve seen both approaches, and both work. Both have they own followers and triumph. Quality, non-quality, frequent, infrequent, EVERYDAY, ocassionally, it goes back to what and why you want to blog for. Someone might say, “Ah...It’s my personal blog, my very own virtual diary, so why not I blog about what I wanted to blog and who cares who likes it or not. Easy, if you don’t like, don’t read it-lah.” Then someone find it dissimilar and might say “Hey, it is published over the Internet, all over the world, it is not private anymore, so readers have so-called right to blogwalking/review/moderate/judge/comment what you can and cannot do. So please make somebody's day-lah.”

See, it is subjective. Both way of thinking are acceptable. Very well spoken.

So what should I do? The technology is there to be utilized. The brain is out there to evaluate.

“Tepuk dada, tanya selera.” As for me, I’ll stick to the one that benefited me. Blog whenever I feel to, whenever I need to, regardless quality or not, regardless frequent or not, regardless occasionally or EVERYDAY, I take both chance and risk. Well, no one is perfect and no one can satisfy everyone, right? Plus, who rates someone's thought, isn't it?

Hence, I rest my case and hail THE RedMummy for blogging, EVERYDAY!


amandaeriopapilio said...

I'm agreeing with you.
I too, blog whenever I felt like blogging, doesn't matter if its everyday or once a month..... =)

Biqque said...

yup! so let's keep it up :D

tx for visiting!

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Daily blogging is open to discretion. Some view daily blogging as a hobby, the same as watching telly or go for everyday jogs. Or perhaps a habit, like how one would have to log in to facebook everyday.

Its a free world here in the blogosphere anyway, nobody in bound and subjected to the compulsion of blogging everyday :)

Biqque said...

yeah, agreed :) nice thoughts vin :)

Thristhan said...

I believe that a Quality blog is better that one that has too many post.

3plepl8 said...

currently i'm taking a break from blogging. 9 months now. soon a baby is born.

Biqque said...

thristhan, true oso...but if its money oriented, definitely quantity beats quality huh :D

3plepl8, hahahahaha!

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