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Monday, May 14, 2012

Japan : Odaiba Rainbow Bridge and Statue of Liberty, Tokyo

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Hotspot #10 : Outstanding Bridge and Statue

By this time, we had already mastered the subway line. It was A PIECE OF CAKE and became our CUP OF TEA!
From Asakusa Station, we headed to Shimbashi Station on Asakusa Line. Once off boarded, knowing that we are needed to get another separate ticket for Yurikamome Line, we straight walked to the ticket machine. The fee was 310yen each, to stop at Futo Station.

“So, we walk along the bridge or what?”

Initially, we planned to have a 30-45mins walk through the Rainbow Bridge (bicycles are not allowed, so it has to be on foot), to view the breathtaking panoramic side of Tokyo. But looking at the length and size of the bridge, we opted for Plan B, which was elevated train ride with rubber tires.
“Hell crazy la nak jalan…tapi…tapi…tapi best…” We contemplated.
It was nearly sunset time, and enjoying the train ride over the elevated bridge, crossing the harbor, with the spectacular view of small man made island (currently joined the larger island), was the best thing ever! I was smiling non stop, standing in the first coach, just right before the windshield. Once in a while, I sat and stood up, for photo capturing. Tremendously stunning!
Approaching Daiba Station, we saw ferris wheel that once in while, peeked behind the buildings.
“Eh, we stop there for a while on the way back, can?” Hubby suggested.

“Tengok la sempat ke tak…or maybe, we can just zoom it from here. Quick! Elevated parking!” I hinted him to use the zoom lens.
The station was just right in front of Aquacity, where we had to walk few meters to the pedestrian access. Next to it, there was third version of Fuji TV building. It was known as the most unique Fuji headquarters with 1,200pound ball stands out from the gridline. Trust me, it was 100% NICER to see it at night than day!
Before we started walking on the longggggg pedestrian, we were struck with the couple combo!

“Yup, the French Statue of Liberty has came to Odaiba…” said hubby.
This replica is one of hundred of smaller replica in the whole wide world. Why they have it in Odaiba? Well, make sense coz the original Statue of Liberty is built on an island. Same goes to this replica. Only the size differs, for the original statue is 151 feet tall.

Frankly speaking, this replica is the most beautiful among all…for it overlooking the Rainbow Bridge. Others are built on land…even worst, one is fatter than the original, like what they have in Israel, and one is built with fence around, like what they have in Philippine.

In wintriness, we started to snap pictures. I even helped few foreigners who wanted to take a group shot. Meanwhile, few girls attempted a duo shot, by placing the camera on the dustbin. Haha!  
“Let me replicate this replica.” I laughed! (Shiat, double chin!)
Right after other visitors done with the statue, I took this opportunity to pose like it. We had to try few shots coz it was already dark. Not having flash light was just a failure, while having flash out was just a disaster. Pfft!
“You are missing the tiara, the torch, and the book. The rest is good.” Hubby tried to buy me.
I looked up and laughed. “Dang...”

“Now, your turn." Hubby stood still. "Do something la.” He opened his both arm right away!
We then spent the rest of the night by taking our own sweet time capturing various mode of the two-story bridge, in slow shutter. It was really outstanding during its nightly illumination. What an iconic!
Without tripod, we tried so hard to place the camera on the lookout deck's floor, in between the railings, while hold breathing and “shooh”ing other visitors out of our way. Fuh, unimaginable…but it was hell of FUN!
We tried several shots and finally, we got the best outcome.
The wind blew and whispered, telling us to go back and rest, for tomorrow’s journey.
"Hoi sejuk gile!" It was freezing like Toshiba freezer!

We headed back to the station and paid another 310yen each, and changed for Oedo Line at Shiodome. Soon after, we stopped at Monzen-nakacho for Tozai Line, bought another ticket for 230yen, before we finally back to Gyotoku. What a day!
We stopped at our one-and-only-trusted-favorite-fastfood, Hotto Motto, and bought a box of dinner. We both shared and ate outside the shop, before walked back to our host’s crib. In the living room, she offered us a bar of Japanese green tea chocolate, namely Meiji.
“Try this. This is Japan’s signature chocolate, expensive, and not easy to find.”

By looking at it, I knew that I really can’t endure the flavor. I don’t drink green tea, more over, eating it. But I tried…

“Hmmm…emmm…” I faked. Hahaha! But hubby liked it. That’s what make us different. But tomorrow, we will be even. To the land of feline.


"Ya, but Imperial Palace first." Hubby reminded me.

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3plepl8 said...

i like green!!

Unknown said...

eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sapa la yg suka makan cekelat green tea nih!!! potong betul!!

Pas ni tak yah pi NY dah..

Biqque said...

3plepl8, yucks! hahaha!

na, tah sape tah...bluwek! takyah pi? ala...(terus unpack beg)

Anash said...

patung-pegang-obor-api-dgn-buku-pakai-mende-spike-spike-atas-pala ada kat jepun?

ish...tatau pun, sampai la biqque tjk gambo

ala, patung tuh pun ada dabel-chin..cuma tak nampak aje..relex..dont be too unmotivated..(sambil raba chin sendiri..)


Biqque said...

anash, adaaaaaaa...banyak kat merata donia menatang tu ada tegak berdiri hahaha! patung tu patut ada gak dabel chin, cuma lama2 terhakis dek angin hahaha!

NeenaAnuar said...

beautiful indeed!

kalau nak pi japangg nanti for sure I will godek2 your blog nie! hehee.. thanks for sharing and keep on sharing dear! ;)

just.HY said...

eeeiiiiiiiii coklat kaler hijau? eeuuwww, aku boleh imagine dh dlm mulut aku ni haa... x sedappp!!!

dlm byk2 gmbr, tiba terpndanga gmbr laki ko tgh berkuak hepy! haha..jrg2 berlaku tuh! haha jgn mrah naaaaaa

Lily Riani said...

i love green tea... ehheheh cant rmb whether i like the icecream or not tho.

love the bridge at night. when i was here, rained almost everyday.... shucks!

hanie said...

asyik la dok sebut Asakusa tu jadi Akasuka..hahaha

lawa gila gambor! me likey!

Biqque said...

nina, tx :) u shud go tau, mesti gambar lagi cantek sbb hubby u terer :D hehehe!

john, mmg eewww hahaha! gambar dia ada gak banyak yg mengada2 tapi tak letak hahaha!

lily, we almost try the ice cream tapi sbb cam mahal, takpe la, mekasih jer hahaha! mmg, benci tul if ujan...tunggu post seterusnya! huh!

hani, banyak benda if sebut laju2 mmg terbalik2. i duk sebut nama2 tempat pun merapu2 gak kekdang hahaha! tx!

Ako Retna said...

Gambar bridge tu...

ternganga molot tgk :o

rayyan haries said...

Biqqueeeeeeeee.....tang elevated parking space tu amazing tol! ni buat I teringin nak gi jepang niihhhhh... hehehe...

Statues kat Island tu pon nampak real! :D

Ren said...

Sape mamat yg bediri depan ko tu?

Wow canteknya malam kat jembatan tu!

MasZuber said...

Biqque gambo serious santekkkkkk

Oh maiii coklat green tea??

Supermeng Malaya said...

cantik menarik... gambar kau memang the bomb !

Biqque said...

ako, tx :D sila totop molot, beli teket, and gi jepun hahaha!

rayyan, go, go! AA nak buat tiket murah tu :D

janggel, mamat mana? yg baju brown tu ke? omputih mana tah haha! ha jembatan tu cantek sgt...kalo la ada lens yg gempak, pehhhh!

maszuber, tenkiu :) takde la gempak mana sgt pun, sbb tak bawak tripod, tinggal kat umah host kihkih!

superman, gambar ko pun cantik tertarik tebabom!

hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said...

your landscape photos of the tokyo skyline's great! too bad if you knew me earlier, I would have been able to inform you of the secret romantic location with superb view of the Tokyo Skyline in which you can enjoy it with your husband

Biqque said...

owh mannnnnn, your liberty is better than mineeeee! ours is gelap :|

and tx for the compliment :D

hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography said...

my liberty is cukup makan and zoom and u will know..not that sharp/...hehe

Biqque said...

hahaha dont care la hor...janji ada :)

Jard The Great said...

@biqque.. so nice to get to travel with a husband. hehehe

Biqque said...

lucky his passion is traveling too :)

Ain Mardhiah said...

green tea choclate! awesome!
kat korea dulu ada try ais kirm green tea dgn ABC green tea. Sedap kot. hehe.

terpaku saya baca travelblog ke jepun nih. padahal nak exam *tampo diri sendiri boleh?* jeles2. dah la pergi dua2. ala2 mcm honeymoon plak. hehe

Biqque said...

ainul, es krem maybe sedap, tapi tak cuba la...

hahaha tampo diri sendri tu mengingatkan suh blajar rajin2, sok jadi doc, bleh bukak klinik, patu cari orang ganti, u gi jalan2 ok? ingat, cari husband yg KUAT berjalan. kuat lain bolayan hahaha!

Ms.Linde said...

Hi biqque..tgh study pasal nak pegi japan thic coming april 2014..hunting for sakura bloom oso..xtau la sempat ke x..while blogwalking jumpe blog u yg sgt informative and details ;)
anyway nak tye utk JR pass..we must go to counter dptkan ticket atau just show the pass..or mcm nk minta advice utk itinerary skali blh x..blh sy drop an email to ur inbox?

Anonymous said...

Great images! Having a good tripod will open up a whole new world of photography. Check out one of these if you don't want a full size one:

Not sure i could eat that green stuff.

Biqque said..., sakura best gile! dont forget to do hanami (sakura watching while picnicking :) ok, for JR Pass, sampai kat sana jer terus kena tukar from tiket to small booklet. dah dapat, everytime u nak passby the guard, just flash the small booklet to the officer, ada laluan sendiri, tak perlu beratur lagi. iti asal slalunya tak sama dgn apa yg kitorang buat sgt, so better amik day to day nyer post dalam blog i, and follow from there...

u may look in this link under japan:

Biqque said...

anon, yes, i dont like that green stuff as well hahaha...

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